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Philippine Heart Association Presents Usapang Puso sa Puso: Usapang QUARANTINE: Mag-DaMoves Para sa Puso


I have always been a staunch advocate of the Philippine Heart Association since I had an opportunity to moonlight as their writer for three consecutive years. I saw for myself how dedicated their staff were and how passionate they were in pushing for heart-ailment awareness among Filipinos. So when I was invited recently to attend one of the webinars they organize for public-awareness, I immediately said yes. It was their 9th episode for Usapang Puso sa Puso where they tackle topics in relation to achieving better heart health. For its 9th episode, the topic was “Mag-DaMoves Para sa Puso.” It was hosted by cardiologists Dr. Luigi Pierre Segundo and Dr. Don Robespierre Reyes. They had doctors Dr. Raul Lapitan and Dr. Nannette Rey as guests who shared their own thoughts about how the pandemic has greatly affected our hearts. They were also joined by celebrity coaches and fitness guru Jim and Toni Saret. 

They mentioned that “Sitting is the new smoking.” It means the more lazy couch potato that you are, the more prone you will be to heart ailments and other diseases. 
Usapang puso sa Puso hosts 

Usapang Puso sa Puso Episode 9

Exercise as we all know strengthens the muscles in our body. It also helps the heart muscle to become more efficient and does its job to pump more blood throughout the body making our blood circulation in good condition. Dr. Lapitan explains that whenever our heart pushes out more blood with each beat, it allows beating slower and keeps our blood pressure under control. 

Dr. Nannette Rey, one of the speakers

Being physically active is a major step toward good heart health. Cliché as it may sound, but as they say in the vernacular, “Galaw galaw para di pumanaw.” It’s one of the most effective tools for strengthening the heart muscle, keeping your weight under control and warding off any artery damage from high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure that may eventually lead to heart attack or stroke. 

The doctors said this is the perfect time to get moving on your fitness goals because most of us are still working or studying from home. Regular exercise does more than help you to lose weight and build muscle-it’s definitely good for those reasons.

One of the most effective “cardio” exercises that can further help improve heart health would be aerobic exercise. Aerobic uses repetitive contraction of large muscle groups to get your heart going, beating faster and it will be beneficial both to your heart and blood vessels. When done on a regular basis, cardio workouts can strengthen your heart and blood vessels, improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and some kinds of cancer.

Dr. Raul Lapitan talks about the importance of walking

So what’s the best type of exercise for health? There’s none in particular according to doctors. As long you move and do something, that’s perfectly alright. You can adapt what the cardiologists have been doing. Dr. Lapitan has been promoting Sneakers Friday program among doctors themselves. It means health professionals wear their sneakers on Friday and will remind them to do walking. You can’t have an excuse not to exercise.

Doc Nannette Rey was the brainchild of PHA’s Fit Heart Minute Campaign. It only needs a few minutes of your time to move your butts off and exercise. It does wonders for your heart health. It doesn’t mean you have to employ the same kind of exercise strategy to get the heart-healthy benefits of cardio exercise. According to Dr. Rey, what is important is that you exercise on a regular basis. One way you can make that easier is to make it part of your everyday routine.

Fit Heart Minute Exercise

During this pandemic, since most of us are either homeschooled or working from home, it’s more difficult to stay active. Exercise should become part of our daily lives no matter what. It should be a lifelong commitment to preserve your heart’s function and to stay fit as well.

Celebrity fitness coaches Toni and Jim Saret

PHA Ambassadors Coaches Jim and Toni Saret had also shared how they kept the Philippine National Police fit and healthy. In fact, they personally guided former Chief Debold Sinas among many other policemen to lose their belly fat and become fit. In a video shown during the live webinar, they’ve shown how they trained the PNP staff even in the middle of work.

former PNP Chief Debold Sinas lost a lot of weight because of the programs by the Saret couple

Coach Toni Saret instructs former PNP Chief Sinas to lift his legs

Other testimonials of weight loss and exercise

The benefits of a healthy heart for longevity and quality of life are too great to ignore. A regular exercise routine will help you keep your heart healthy for years to come. Jog, swim, golf, hike, play basketball, dance, do yoga — whatever you love to do. The most important thing is to get out there, move around, and just do it.

For more updates on heart health news and to join the next Usapang Puso sa Puso episode, please visit Philippine Heart Association's Facebook Page and visit their website.

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