Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hotcake Remix: A definitive guide to quarantine’s greatest hotcake hits

A box of Maya Hotcake Mix has now become a staple in every modern home, so it wasn’t a surprise that it was selling like, well, hotcakes during the first weeks of the quarantine. Aside from being quick and easy to use, the possibilities are endless with just a bit of inspiration, a few tricks, and some add-ins. In fact, some of the major food trends that emerged in the past months involved this versatile box of hotcake mix.

From viral TikTok hacks to gourmet-like creations, here’s a guide to all the food trends that you can create with Maya Hotcake Mixes.

Breakfast fave: hotcake cereal. A win for anyone who ever agonized over the big breakfast decision: hotcakes or cereal? This trend creatively combined both, spawned various iterations, and is just really cute – not to mention easy. You can simply follow the instructions on the Maya Hotcake Mix packaging and create eggnog-sized hotcakes that you can serve with maple syrup, nuts, and fruit slices. Or take your hotcake cereal up a notch by making this no-bake chocolate chip cookie cereal.

Chef’s kiss: tiramisu soufflé hotcakes. Hotcakes, but make it haute. Highly ‘grammable, these are the fanciest, fluffiest hotcake versions to hit both your dining table and your feed. So yes, Maya Hotcake Mixes are great for fast and simple breakfast fixes, AND as the base for making classy brunch staples
too. Check out what you’d need to whip up those to-die-for tiramisu soufflé hotcakes.

Bite-sized treats: mini donuts. Whether as a childhood throwback or as a sweet memory of a freer time
(we all gave in and snacked on those lil’ donuts at the mall at some point), mini hotcake donuts definitely took a spot on that food trends list. Aside from our predisposition to liking tiny, adorable things, coated in cinnamon sugar no less, you only need a box of Maya Quick n’ Easy Hotcake Mix, plus literally 3 other ingredients.

Filipino flair: puto flan. The ultimate coming together of two beloved Pinoy treats, puto and leche flan, this creation tickled our taste buds and sparked a craze. And with Maya Original Fluffy n’ Tasty Hotcake Mix as a convenient puto base, it won’t be surprising for anyone to keep making puto flan, because honestly, #relatable.

Pick-me-upper: coffee hotcakes. If you’re done mixing Dalgona coffee, this was the next logical step. An ode to our enduring love of hotcakes and a testament to how coffee just never goes out of style, coffee hotcakes are perfect to kick start any day. Because why just drink your coffee when you can eat it too?

We aren’t quitting hotcakes any time soon, so go ahead and try these greatest hits while we wait for the next big food thing we never knew we needed.

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