Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How to be successful in MLM Business?

Chances are, when a long time friend of yours whom you lost touch with for the last 10 years gives you a call and asks to meet up, he or she might have introduced to you a new revolutionary product and how you stand to get rich by selling it. When you start hearing familiar jargons like passive income and downlines, binary style--then you must have guessed it right, your friends is inviting you to an MLM/Network Marketing business.  Edmark International is one example of a legitimate MLM business. 

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a business model or marketing strategy in which the distributors' income includes their own sales, and a percentage of the sales group they recruit, which is commonly known as their ‘downline’. Customers can also sign up as a distributor to sell the company’s product. Usually, the sign up fee will be the price paid to purchase the product.

If you've ever seen an Edmark product, I'm pretty sure you might want to make your own purchase. They have products ranging from food supplements, coffee, kitchen wares to other household products. Although some of their products are currently being sold at SM Department store outlets (where most often than not they even hold a product demo), their exclusive line of food supplements and nutritional drinks are solely available via distributorship only. Meaning, one must become a member in order to make their purchase or knows a member to het access to special discounts too (one of the many perks of being an Edmark member). 

While you probably have a firm image planted on your minds of what network marketing should be, the reality is that it isn't neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme but instead it is an opportunity for you to earn money running your own part-time business or you may also want to go full-time.  You might e wondering, what does it take to succeed in this kind of industry? Purple Plum Fairy got some ideas from Ms. Cyline Cabello, distributor emerald manager at Edmark's that I may want to share after talking to one of the many successful managers at Edmark. 

First you have to know how it is to become a member as well as what awaits you when you become one. You have to get to know what are the exciting perks that comes with membership. Is it going to be worth what you're paying for? But you have to keep an open mind when you plan to get into MLM type of business because if you aren't, then I'd have to say that you're a failure from the start. 

Here's what you need:

You need a soft copy of an ID picture with either 1x1 or 2x2 photos. Photocopies of 2 valid ID issued by the Philippine government with 3 specimen signatures. Pay 1,738 for a box of Shake Off and 250ml of Splina. You will then be given a BDO ATM mastercard which you can use as your membership ID at Edmark. You also need to fill up an application. Automatically, each time you make a purchase, you are given discounts exclusively for members and you also earn points which could make your status go higher to become a manager. 

Ms. Cabello also stated that unlike other MLM marketing, Edmark follows a 14 pax MLM style. It means its got 14 legs widh and 8 depths, roll up and roll down. Ensuring one a deeper and wider reach. With 51 percent of Edmark profit sharing calculated by point system beginning from the time you join the membership and start making your purchase.

You actually had nothing to worry about if you have no prior experience in marketing or selling because Edmark International does it all for you. They will be helping you to achieve your life goals--from eyeing that house and lt, to having your dream car or making that first out of the country travel with your family. Edmark International offers seminars for you to attend from Mondays to Saturdays where you will be honed into a more knowledgable businessman or at least someone who has an extensive knowledge of what a legitimate MLM business is all about as well as the fast track ways on how to become successful in this type of industry. 

The best part? When you're industrious enough and probably goal-oriented, you also get a performance bonus of 5% to 20% percent depending on how you generate your sales volume. 

The entire membership kit has everything an anything you need to sample with Edmark's products. It is also called the 4-step healthy slimming programme where according to their managers had seen a lot of testimonials from products users and first time consumers. It is priced at Php5,360 pesos. It may sound like quite a lot of money but they guarantee you will like the product yourself that you may even want others to get to know about it too. 

For more information on Edmark Philippines and its products, visit their office at Edmark Building, P. Tuazon Blvd. Corner 21st Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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