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14th Spring Film Festival Chinese Movie Line Up and Schedule

你好 - Nĭ hăo! It's that time of the year again folks when every corner begins to have touches of red. Yes, the 14th Spring Film Festival is upon us. At the Shangri-la Plaza Mall, it's been a tradition to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with Free film screenings, Chinese Painting Exhibit, Chinese Concert and Chinese Painting Workshops. The good news is, these line up of activities are FREE. Admission to the film screenings are also free but seats will be given on a first come, first served basis. 

The 14th Spring Film Festival is one of the many highly anticipated film festivals for film enthusiasts. It officially kicks off the numerous annual film festivals at the Shangri-la Plaza mall. So mark those dates people: From January 19-26, 2020, tag along your family and friends to come and watch these awesome line up of Chinese movies with you at the Red Carpet Theater of the Shangri-La Plaza

The 14th edition of the Spring Film Festival will be featuring films from different genres so there will surely be something for everyone to enjoy. Worry not, each film will be having English subtitles/translations so you'd be able to understand the stories. 
For the complete schedule please read on. 

Here are the exciting line up of Chinese movies for this year and their synopsis:

Jian Bing Man 煎餅侠 (5.6/10, IMDb)
Director Dong Chengpeng, China, 2015

Popular TV personality Da Peng (played by the real-life Da Peng) is a comedian by day and superhero by night. The dilemma kicks in when Da Peng uses a movie budget to purchase an engagement ring that costs 10 million RMB and loses both the ring and his girlfriend in the nightclub. He then tries to produce a film based on his childhood dream of becoming “Jian Bing Man” (literally, Pancake Man) to pay off his debt to the financier—a gangster businessman. Audiences will certainly be amazed by the hilarious antics and the course of action that springs from his creative ways to make content for his film.

Prepare to be wowed by the countless cameos of Chinese celebrities starring as themselves throughout the film. Spiraling in an amusing two hours of jam-packed thrill and comedy sketches, this movie is a must-watch for an adventurous and imaginative audience. 

Written by Justin Tembresa and Kaitlyn Tan
Edited by Patrick Ang and Aaron Medina

Rotten Tomatoes
Cinema Escapist

Our Shining Days 闪光少女 (2017) (Running time: 100 mins)

Cultural. Youthful. Inspiring.

The directorial debut of Wang Ran, Our Shining Days (2017) is a teen comedy that circles around the challenges Chen Jing (Xu Lu) faces in her pursuit to revive the traditional Chinese orchestra in her school. Treated as outcasts in the film, the ensemble of protagonists consists of a pair of nerdy students and four ‘otaku’ geeks from an emerging subculture of animation, comics, and games (ACG) in China. They aim to garner equal respect for traditional Chinese instruments as those of the conventional Western orchestra. It is entertaining to watch as the musical scores successfully integrate Oriental and Western classical music into impressive performances that feature Chinese culture, which may inspire future musicians.

Aside from the main conflict, this film also journeys around teenage struggles such as desperation, rejection, self-esteem, gaining confidence, and most importantly, on standing firm for one’s passion. Although this film brushes a bit on rom-com, it is fit for young audiences. 

Written by Kaitlyn Tan
Edited by Patrick Ang and Aaron Medina


Little Door Gods 小门神 (2017)

In modern times, as each generation passes, people no longer believe in spirits guarding them. A restless spirit god, however, dares to travel back to the human world to bridge the two again, proving his value as a door god. As he gets involved with a family struggling to keep their soup shop open, what follows is unexpected encounters and a chaotic quest that shocks both worlds.

Producing an animated film that highlights traditional Chinese culture and legends has been anticipated by audiences in Chinese cinema for a long time. The stunning animation brings to life stories of old through segments of hand-drawn backstories and a modernized computer-generated imagery type of style. However, the story leaves viewers wanting more from a lackluster plotline needing thoughtful and practical touches to it. The film still delivers with beautiful aesthetics from the characters and its reinterpretation of classic mythologies.

Written by Hazel Lam
Edited by Patrick Ang and Aaron Medina

Monkey King 2 (Running time: 119 mins)

Based on the 16th Century Classic novel "Journey to the West" about Sun Wu Kong who is a monkey with supernatural powers which he acquired through Taoist practices. The story revolves around the adventures of Sun Wu Kong together with Buddhist monk Tang San Zang. 

The Great Wall (Running time: 104 mins)

It's the story of a European mercenary who joined the soldiers of the flameless Order who are protecting The Great Wall in fighting the monster Tao Tie.

Battle of Memories (Running time: 118 mins)

The story took place in 2025, where advance technology removed the memories of a man and later on finds himself in a serial killer's mind. 

January 19 (Sun)    Movie Title
3:00 PM                  Our Shining Days
5:10 PM                  Little Door Gods
7:30 PM                  The Monkey King 2

January 20 (Mon) 
2:55 PM                    The Great Wall
5:10 PM                    Jian Bing Man
7:30 PM                   The Monkey King 2

January 21 (Tues) 
3:00 PM                    Little Door Gods
5:20 PM                   Our Shining Days
7:30 PM                   Battle of Memories

January 22 (Wed) 
2:45 PM                    Jian Bing Man
5:00 PM                    The Monkey King 2
7:30 PM                    The Great Wall

January 23 (Thurs) 
2:50 PM                     Our Shining Days
5:00 PM                     Battle of Memories
7:30 PM                      Little Door Gods

January 24 (Fri) 
2:45 PM                   The Monkey King 2
5:15 PM                    The Great Wall
7:30 PM                     Jian Bing Man

January 25 (Sat) 
2:40 PM                  Battle of Memories
5:10 PM                   Little Door Gods
7:30 PM                  Our Shining Days

January 26 (Sun) 
3:00 PM                   Our Shining Days
5:10 PM                    Little Door Gods
7:30 PM                 The Monkey King 2

See you at the movies! 😊

Mall guests can also look forward to other activities apart from the free film screenings. Traditional Chinese paintings and scrolls will be on display at the Confucius Institute Painting Exhibit from January 19 to 26. If luck is on your side, you may also witness the special Chinese musical event led by the Philippine Cultural College Chinese Orchestra which will feature both an exciting Wu Shu and Lion Dance exhibition at the same time by Northern Rizal Yorklin School--it'll be happening on January 25 from 2:00PM-3:30PM. 

On January 26, from 2:00PM-4:00PM, you may learn interesting fine craft of traditional Chinese art with the Chinese Painting Workshop by Art Association of the Philippines President Master Fidel M. Sarmiento and Vice President Roger Santos. 

For more information, visit Shangri-la Plaza's official facebook page or follow them on Instagram @shangrilaplazaofficial. 

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