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Cine Argentino returns at Shangri-La Plaza’s Red Carpet

One of the most anticipated film festivals, Cine Argentino makes a return at the Shangri-La Plaza’s Red Carpet Theater. Now on its fifth year, Cine Argentino 2019 is slated to happen from August 14 to 17, 2019. This Argentinian Film Festival was made possible through the partnership between the Film Development Council of the Philippines and the Embassy of Argentina and Shangri-La Plaza.

An executive from the Embassy of Argentina

For this year’s edition, the Cine Argentino 2019 will be featuring five diverse films produced by recognized Argentinian filmmakers that vows to showcase different perspectives of Argentina’s culture. The said film festival shall be having the biographical crime film El Clan [The Clan] starring Guiliermo Francella and Peter Lanzani as its opening salvo for this year’s Cine Argentino. Written and directed by Pablo Trapero, the film is based on the true story of Puccio Clan, a notorious family known for kidnapping and killing people during the 80’s. The film narrates the rampant “disappearances” even after the Argentina’s military dictatorships. This film was a runaway winner which has garnered five citations in 2015 from the Argentinian Academy, including Best Cinematography and Best New Actor [Lanzani].

A scene from Relatos Salvajes

Another interesting film that should be on your must-see films for Cine Argentino 2019 would have to be the Oscar Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film and Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or- nominated, Relatos Salvaje [Wild Tales]. It was written and directed by Damian Szifron. It has made history as Argentina’s most watched movie back in 2014. 

Relatos Salvaje is an anthology film composed of six standalone stories that tackle injustice and vengeance. These shorts are Pasternak, Las Ratas [The Rats], El Mas Fuerte [The Strongest], Bombita [Little Bomb], La Propuesta [The Proposal] and hasta Que La Muerte Nis Separe [Til Death Do Us Part].

El Clan

Dos mas Dos from Cine Argentino

 Cine Argentino 2019 also features family-oriented movies as well as romance, such as Dos Mas Dos [Two Plus Two] directed by Diego Caplan. It’s a drama-comedy about a couple named Richard and Bettina as they reveal their little secret to their friends Diego and Emilia that awakened desires that rocked their marriage.

Mamá Se Fue De Viaje (10 Days Without Mom)

In Ariel Winograd’s Mama Se Fue De Viaje [10 Days Without Mom], a housewife takes a respite from being a stay-at-home-mom and goes to vacation with a friend, leaving her husband clueless of her whereabouts for 10 days. Chaos and hilarious scenes follows.

Incident Light from Cine Argentino 

Nostalgic in black and white film, La Luz Incidente [Incident Light] was directed by Ariel Rotter. It is an intimate story about family, love, and mourning. Set in Buenos Aires in the 60’s era, it captures the beginning of a complicated relationship when a young widow with twin daughters accepts the courtship of a charming but mysterious, older suitor. 

Shangri-La Plaza’s EVP and General Manager Ms. Lala Fojas says she is truly excited that The Shang is hosting Cine Argentino again. “Ït’s Shangri-La’s privilege to be Cine Argentino’s home here in the country and we hope our local audience continues to appreciate the beauty of Argentine culture through these cinematic masterpieces.”

Ready your popcorn and drinks at the Red Carpet Theater

Cine Argentino 2019 is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. ADMISSION IS FREE. Seats are on a first come, first served basis.


AUGUST 14-17, 2019

Date                                      Time                      FILM
August 14                    7:00PM                    The Clan [Opening Film]
August 15                    2:30PM                    Wild Tales
                                         5:30PM                   Incident Light
                                      7:30PM                   Two Plus Two
August 16                    2:00PM                  Two Plus Two
                                     4:20PM                  Ten Days Without Mom
                                     6:30PM                   Incident Light
August 17                   12:30PM                Ten Days Without Mom
                                     2:40PM                  The Clan

See you all at the movies! Don't forget to save those dates!

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