Friday, October 5, 2018

Muang Thai Restaurant Revamps their menu

Muang Thai welcomes guests
At Muang Thai, you’ll be surprised to find what is almost certainly one of the best Thai food Quezon City has ever seen. And certainly better food than most of what I ate in other Thai restaurants I've been to the past few years. Lest that sound a little grand, anyone who has been to Muang Thai will attest that this charming Thai restaurant along Diliman is one that awaits to be discovered by Thai food aficionados. Muang Thai may look elite from the outside but upon getting inside the resto, you'd be reminded of the streets and markets at the coalface of Thailand’s insatiable appetite for food are where any Thai cuisine fan would be at his happiest.

Pad Thai

What’s even more important is the kitchen team. With the relaunch of Muang Thai, and months refining a menu that works around what Thai produce they can source in Manila, it is truly impressive how quickly this place has hit cruising speed. Despite the pressure of a full reservations diary from day one.

Bagoong Rice or Khao khluk kapi

Muang Thai interiors

"We had travelled to Bangkok to really immense ourselves in the culture and the cuisine, as we saw the opportunity to introduce a new kind of Thai to patrons in the industry. We hope that the new Muang Thai will be loved by both old and new patrons,"said Managing Director Regina Romero. 

Yum Som O or Pomelo Salad

Spring Rolls

Frozen Thai Milk Tea

Mango Sticky Rice

Aspiring chef Jolo Morales was so hands-on as they had revamped the menu but it still however features classic Thai favorites as well as new and exciting dishes developed by the talented team. 

What I like most about Muang Thai, however, is the lack of compromise. Its in-your-faceness. And I don’t simply mean the food is hot; it’s just that flavour balances haven’t been skewed to appease a Filipino palate with, say, excessive sugar, or a light hand with the shrimp paste or fish sauce.

Mu Krob

The som tum (green papaya salad) is properly garlicky and riddled with fresh baby red chillies. The Chiang Mai style larp of finely chopped chicken gets serious heat from pepper (black and white) and dried chilli, and proper pungent acidity from fish sauce. I mean serious heat. Served with leaves of crisp white cabbage as both foil and eating utensil, it’s the standout dish.

We were able to try the classic and favorite ones, like Spring rolls, Yum Pla Dook Fu (fried crispy catfish salad) that didn't tasted "fishy or malansa," Tom Yum Soup called Tom Yum Talay with shrimps, clams, squid and fish fillet. Of course, there's Satay Gai (char-grilled chicken thighs with sweet peanut sauce). I also enjoyed the Beef Short ribs--very tasty and tender. Also worth mentioning are Muang Thai's version of Mu Krob (crispy pork belly in panang curry sauce), Spicy Basil Mixed Seafood and Fried Grouper in garlic sauce. 

Massaman Curry of Beef Short Ribs and Chicken Pandan

The prawns baked with a lid of bean thread noodles in the Pad Thai and an intensely sticky/powerfully peppery stock, were served generously. They also take on a crisp/caramelized nature that is nothing short of brilliant. On the same theme of caramel: fried fish pieces served with “three flavoured sauce” – a glorified sweet and sour – full of tangy tamarind, garlic and relatively mild red chilli. All about the balance. And on it goes. Curries, relishes, dipping sauces, soups and rices pile up on the table as excitement takes over from common sense.


You’ll need a gang. Mango Sticky rice will polarise; some may not click with the sticky palm sugar pudding in salted coconut milk. It reminds one of the Filipino merienda called "puto maya." But I'm sure their Coco Flan is definitely another must-try with coconut custard in young coconut puree and tapioca pearls. 

Come and visit the new and revamped menu of Muang Thai Restaurant in Diliman, Quezon City. Experience the thrill and flavors of Thailand in the 22-year-old restaurant that proves that some things just got better as it ages, just as it does to wine--with their new look, vibe and a revamped menu--you could never go wrong and it will surely satisfy your Thai food cravings. 

Muang Thai Restaurant is located at 138 Malakas Street, Diliman Quezon City
They are open from Mondays to Sundays from 11:00AM to 10:00PM.

For reservations, call (02) 426-4123 or (+63) 995-8119627. Follow them for updates on social media on Instagram @MuangThaiPH and on Facebook Muang Thai PH. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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