Friday, February 16, 2018

Car Cover Protection For Your Winter Road Trip

The cold season can be one of the hardest on your vehicle’s outward appearance. Whether you’re heading into rain, sleet, snow or all of the above, you must take the right steps to keep your ride looking its very best. Before you take to the road for your next big winter expedition, make sure you’ve got all you need to maintain your car or truck’s finish, no matter what the elements throw at you.

Pre-Trip Preparation

  •  Preserving the quality of your car’s finish is largely about the right kind of preparation before your journey. Keep these tips in mind for assured results, even in the harshest elements:
  •  Auto protection starts with a good cover. Look for one that’s constructed from strong but breathable fabrics, so as to prevent moisture buildup and limit the potential for corrosion.
  • Fender covers are very helpful, providing a soft layer between your tools and your automobile. This reduces the chances of accidental scratches, stains or smudges while you perform your final under-the-hood maintenance prior to the drive.
  •  An application of wax provides your finish an added measure of protection that’s essential for limiting the effects of winter weather, road salt, etc.

Under-Cover Protection

Don’t forget to keep your vehicle clean throughout the season, with or without wax. Acidity from precipitation and salt from snowy roads are both capable of wreaking havoc in the absence of regular washes. Brushes are great tools for scrubbing harmful deposits away from hard-to-reach, high-exposure areas, especially the wheels and undercarriage. Remember to use soft bristles when dealing with more delicate surfaces.

The right car cover for truck or sedan owners is easy to find at California Car Cover Co. Get the custom-fit solution you need to relax and enjoy your winter adventures, plus all the extras and accessories to keep your vehicle’s finish looking like it just rolled out of the showroom.

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