Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rustan's offers premium Schott Zwiesel double wall glassware

Press release:

 Rustan’s Supermarket continues to cater to their loyal customers and provide products of only the best quality as they offer glassware from the industry’s most trusted brand.

 Schott Zwiesel has become the market leader among glass manufacturers around the world, used by leading hotel chains, 50 airlines, and 10 of the biggest shipping lines world-wide, plus everyone from sommeliers, wine makers to internationally acclaimed chefs. The German brand offers an extensive range of crystal glasses, from their popular stemware to decanters, that are individually handblown by artisans to maintain a high-quality standard, making them a perfect kitchen and dining companion for businesses or for the home.

Now available at the leading supermarket is the brand’s Double Wall Glasses. Stylish with superior functionality, double wall is stronger but lighter than traditional glass. Aside from looking fantastic on your shelf, table or bar, these are well insulated so you can serve both hot and cold beverages and food, and keep them at the right temperature for longer. Double wall glass items won’t shatter or crack as easily as normal glass since they can reliably withstand swings in temperature – and what’s even better is that they’re break and scratch resistant.

Schott Zwiesel’s beautifully designed double wall pieces also have perfect optical clarity, meaning they remain clear and don’t turn cloudy even after continuous washing. To top it all off, these are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  

Rustan’s Supermarket is carrying 6 types of Schott Zwiesel double wall glasses that can make for wonderful additions to your home. Serve espresso shots, panna cotta and other desserts in the Small Double Wall Glass (set of 2 retails for P900), and cold and hot drinks in the Medium Double Wall Glass (set of 2 at P1,200).

You’ll definitely show off the flair of your chilled drinks and cocktails in the Tall Double Wall Glass (P1,400), while brewing that favorite hot cup of tea is easy with the Double Wall Mug and Infuser set (P1,600). Use the Double Wall Jug (P1,800) to serve refreshing drinks for 2-3 people, and the Double Wall Bowl for soups or desserts (set of 2 at P2,000).

And Rustan’s Supermarket isn’t just stocking shelves with the Schott Zwiesel Double Wall Glass range—the premier supermarket is rewarding their loyal shoppers with a Special Promotion to get the items at a discount or for free. Shoppers can receive the glassware with stickers they earn from every P300 single-receipt transaction. Collect stickers from March 1 to July 4, 2017 and you can redeem the glassware until September 2, 2017.

Furnish your home with only the best quality items that you and the family deserve. Shop for the best local and international products at Rustan’s Supermarket.

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