Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PowerClean Chemicals by Oxychem Product Review: Effectively cleans and affordable high quality cleaning product


Cleaning dirt from clothes can be difficult for working mothers

Whether you go with old-school bleach or earth-conscious bi-carb soda, finding a surface cleaner as well as trusted household cleaning materials  that actually produce satisfying results can really be difficult. Fact is, sorting through shelves bulging with big claims and cool packaging of cleaning products in the market today, it’s revealed that price is rarely an indicator of its performance.

Coming home and seeing all these kitchen mess seems like hell right?
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (I think we all do) but sometimes cleaning up can feel like a chore. We also don’t have a dishwasher, since I am forever washing dishes. There are a lot of companies that use strong chemicals and detergents in their products that isn’t great for the environment—or your skin. I recently stumbled upon PowerClean Chemicals by Oxychem.

PowerClean is a one-stop shop for your cleaning solution requirements. They’ve got an array of cleaning products such as cleaning chemicals, laundry and janitorial supplies, kitchen hygiene supplies, dishwashing machine as well as pest control and cleaning services to name a few. I recently dropped by their office and they showed me their full range (exclusive to PowerClean by Oxychem) and I got some products for my trial…

PowerClean by Oxychem cleaning products

Okay, so to be perfectly honest about it, I’m not normally one to get excited by cleaning products but—holy moly, these products actually make me love our home more. They make me feel like I have just spring-cleaned, when I haven’t (but probably should if I’m given enough time) and they make everything look luxe (even when it is not). 

Wave Supreme by PowerClean Detergent Powder by Oxychem
So what makes PoweClean Chemicals by Oxychem products different from the ones I’ve previously tried and those that are currently available in the market? PowerClean is made from high quality (yes, they do not compromise their quality), they’re very affordable and eco-friendly products. PowerClean Chemicals have undergone tedious research, development and quality control. No wonder it is preferred supplier or private and government companies nationwide. 
PowerClean Liquid Bleach
Having tried and tested some PowerChem Chemicals products for about two weeks now, here is what I learnt based on my personal experience:

Their Wave Powder Detergent may be tough on clothes’ dirt and grime but it’s still gentle on hands. It is biodegradable, contains no chalk and no odor-soaking.
Powerclean Multi-Purpose Cleaner
As a certified foodie, cooking in my kitchen and finding new ways to fill up plenty of fresh, new recipes to try, I really have fun now that I’m using PowerClean’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner. I no longer need to worry about getting a little messy. Once I’m done cooking from scratch, my kitchen is normally in need of some serious TLC! And I’m glad that with PowerClean Multi-Purpose Cleaner, working in my kitchen had become such a breeze!

Another favourite product of mine from Oxychem would have to be their Dishwashing Liquid with Antibac. And I particularly love its intensified degreasing power because it can be used on different surfaces and because of the gentle formulation, it’s safe to use around home.

As for the PowerClean Liquid Hand Soap, I love the fact that it is soft and nourishing because of its moisturizing properties, and it’s lightly scented too.

I know a lot of people do not find cleaning enjoyable. I used to think that way too. But ever since I discovered PowerClean by Oxychem products, I’ve started enjoying cleaning and have fun doing it. I’ll turn on some of my favourite music and either sing and dance while busy spring-cleaning. It’s such a simple way to make the chore something to look forward to…and it helps me to relax as well.

The whole range of PowerClean by Oxychem was pretty awesome. I think I have found a new household cleaning partner in their products that I will be sticking out for. Household chore and spring-cleaning had never been this fun! Thanks to PowerClean by Oxychem products.

Interested to try it out and see for yourself why I’m raving about these cleaning products? Call their hotline at (02) 477-4575; (02) 4774595; (02) 531-4444. Email them at info@powerclean.com.ph
Follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/powercleanofficial

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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