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Minex Crystals by Sylvia Mariano: Powerful Crystals that can Change Your Life

I have always been fascinated with crystals. Well, you can call it serendipity when I recently stumbled upon Minex Crystals, a showroom (filled with all the crystals you need) along J. Bocobo Street in Malate, Manila while I was doing my shopping at Robinson’s Place nearby. I love crystals and their ability to subtly but profoundly change our energy, health and aura. And maybe it was truly my lucky day because I was also given the opportunity, not only to meet but be given numerology, destiny life path and graphology reading by Minex Crystal's owner herself, Ms. Sylvia Mariano! I will tell you more about her readings later, but first allow me to share with you what I know about crystals and its powers.

Minex Crystals lovely boss Ms. Sylvia Mariano and Purple Plum Fairy
Each type of stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy.  The particular energy given off by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure, and by the atomic vibrations that are specific to that structure.  Certain stones, including most of the stones normally thought of as healing stones, vibrate in a way that resonates with and strengthens particular energies inside each person.  These are the energies of the inner self, the energies that make up the attitudes and human qualities of a person.  This resonance can occur because the inner self operates by using a type of subtle energy that is similar to the subtle energy of crystals and stones.  The reason this type of energy is called "subtle energy" is because, although it is physical, it is less physical in nature than normal types of energy such as heat, electricity or mechanical energy.

Crystals and stones can be of really good help in personal growth, but keep in mind that they are not magic.  What they do is give you an edge in growth because of how the vibrations of their crystalline structure interact with the inner self.  Crystals and stones have the ability to resonate with the different energies of the inner self, thereby strengthening those energies.  This additional strength gives you the internal boost your energies need to make it easier to take steps towards growth.  It gives you the extra insight and determination you need to take the leap of faith that is necessary in adopting a new attitude.  It also gives you the strength to not be afraid to change something about yourself.  But in spite of all this, you must still do the actual learning and growing on your own.
As I was saying earlier, I was fortunate to be given a personalized reading session by Ms. Sylvia. In as much as I'd like to share with you details of what she had said about me, it's a little bit personal that doing so would mean divulging too much about myself on my blog (and I wouldn't really want to do that because I'm such a private person). Anyway, Ms. Sylvia gave me some insights about my life path as well as what I can do to make it better. The one-on-one personalized reading session can help one make clear decisions in various areas of one's life. As long as you come with an open mind, your experience will be a very pleasant one. Similar to taking an online-quiz about one's personality, Ms. Sylvia's readings simply help me learn about myself and in what I can do to help improve shady areas of my life. I was able to understand my life path, my destiny number as well as what I can do to fix what I lack in both energy and vibration.
As I gained insights into my personality (and I swear, until now I couldn't believe that she's got it all right about my personality yet it's only the first time that I've seen her). The reading session actually felt like another way for self discovery. Ms. Sylvia was very helpful in guiding me through the reading session and she was receptive in answering all the queries I had and everything I thought was unclear about. 
Through the said reading, I learned that I lacked four items (out of nine) in order to complete the vibration and energy I needed. Crystals affect the human body by virtue of their vibration in the same way any one thing affects any other thing. The human body is crystalline in nature, though, and that is why crystals and humans connect so deeply. 
Although it's been said that humans are designed to carry their own vibration, a crystal, aside from being a very nice tool (and friendly too) assists one in regaining vibrational alignment. Did you know that crystals can help with your law of attraction success? Yes, you're reading it right. 

This is The All-in--One Bracelet I bought from Minex Crystals
I bought a personalized bracelet from Minex Crystals to align my vibrations and energy. A personalized bracelet is a collection of different stones to fill my missing energy. It is also believed to balance my energy and uplift my power as a person. It's necessary to fight all the negative vibrations from the environment as well as from the people I meet every single day. In order to assist certain areas of my love life (ehem...yes, apparently, it exists in my life), I needed the Love Bracelet too. 

This is the Love Bracelet to help increase my appeal on the opposite sex
So what makes Minex Crystals a cut above the rest? I'm sure you guys are wondering what makes it a standout? For one, I love the fact that they use only authentic and genuine crystals. What they have are real powerful crystals and they do not incorporate plastic ones (unlike the others)in bracelets, necklaces and other accessories they make, instead they use separators. So you're guaranteed that you're actually getting exactly what you've paid for. The prices are also reasonable enough. And you could also make an appointment for your personalized reading with Ms. Sylvia for free. 
I was so happy with my purchase that night that I went home feeling so positive not just due to the purchases I've made from Minex Crystals but also because I could sense that my life will no longer be in such a deep rut. After the reading I've had with Ms. Sylvia, I know how to turn my life all around. Sometimes, it's not just the attitude, but knowing yourself well enough also plays a huge factor. Ms. Sylvia also stressed that to succeed in every endeavor, one must learn to work hard and establish good relationship with other people. 

The author, Purple Plum Fairy herself wearing the two powerful crystal bracelets she has purchased from Sylvia Mariano's Minex Crystals

True enough, a few days after I started wearing my Minex Crystals bracelets (after having them cleansed and programmed), things started to get going for me. It's as if everything else is falling on their right places. I've made a few client deals after what seemed like some kind of slump for a couple of months. What's more, new opportunities are also coming my way. No kidding, I've never felt so optimistic in my life, except now! My fave author, Paulo Coelho once said, "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." With a positive outlook in life while wearing these Minex Crystals bracelets, it's easier for me to visualize the things that I would want to achieve plus all the other goals I have in this life. 
Interested? Curious what these precious crystals can do for you? Would you like to get a free reading as well? (Yes, they're free provided you book for an appointment.) 
Visit the Minex Crystals Showroom at 1621 J. Bocobo Street (They're just across Robinson's Place), Malate, Manila.
Like them on Facebook at
Contact them at: (632) 526-0741/0928-3483534
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