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Hong Kong Tourism Board Launches "Best of All, It's in Hong Kong" Campaign

The Hong Kong Tourism Board recently launched their latest marketing campaign in the Philippines with the catchy phrase, "Best of All, It's in Hong Kong" to showcase the rich diversity and experience what Hong Kong has to offer to visitors around the world. Hong Kong is basically a favorite destination among Filipinos. It's not hard to see why. With all the shopping destinations as well as amusement parks like Disneyland, Madame Tussauds and Ocean Park among many others, there are lots of tourist attractions to enjoy. Not to mention real good food that Hong Kong has to offer. I mean, come on, as a traveler, what's there to ask for?

Purple Plum Fairy and her friend at The Peak Tram

One of my first trips abroad was in Hong Kong back in the summer of 2015. I have just partly recovered from the traumas brought about by the accident my family and I had encountered in the previous year. But it was an opportunity too good to pass up. So I packed my bags and head to Hong Kong with my good friend, Ai. Hong Kong was the best destination for us that summer because it's only about an hour and a half away from Manila. Discovering Hong Kong was a bit easy. First of all, upon touch down at the airport, maps are abound. The best part? You can access these maps for free. 

These maps from Hong Kong welcomed me upon my arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport

As part of the promotion for Hong Kong's new marketing campaign, "Best of All, It's in Hong Kong," they tapped local personalities in various videoes that featured the city's stunning skyline and scenery, the best things that Hong Kong can offer and those that tourists and visitors can explore. "We want Filipino visitors to see, feel and have a taste of Hong Kong through the eyes of locals via this campaign," shares Beck Ip, Deputy Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. 

The new brand campaign will be taking Hong Kong to greater heights as the must-visit destination by connecting Filipinos, especially the young ones and their families to travel to Hong Kong and experience the best and most authentic stuff one can discover and explore there. 

Even if I've been to Hong Kong before, it was only during the launch that I've learned that there are still areas I needed to explore as a tourist. One can take a hike and camp out in the wilderness in some parts of Hong Kong. Maybe I should consider doing that in my future trips there.

But if you'd ask me what's the best part of my Hong Kong trip? It's gotta be the culinary delights I've had experienced on that trip. Imagine feasting on the most authentic Chinese cuisine? That was truly the best!!! There have been really many choices and I still remember even up to this day how they tasted. My one week's stay in Hong Kong wasn't enough to try them all out. 

The Hong Kong Tourism Board focuses on food in its campaign theme. They've even tapped the best chefs to become their ambassadors for the Hong Kong Tourism ads. With the slogan, "Best of All, It's in Hong Kong," I was happy to see a lone female chef that looked so familiar. It turned out she was none other than Filipina multi-awarded chef Margarita "Gaita" Araneta Fores. An internationally renowned chef from the Philippines, Chef Gaita has been recently awarded as Asia's Best Female Chef for 2016. 

Chef Margarita Fores with the Hong Kong Tourism Board Executives

You can just imagine my delight when we were told Chef Gaita will be the one preparing our lunch that day during the said launch. Hong Kong boasts of world-class and Michelin starred restaurants as well as international cuisine. Thereby making it, 'culinary capital in Asia.'

Loved this Purple Plum Fairy seat assignment

Just like Filipinos, Hong Kong also shares their love for food. Chef Gaita Fores shared her experience working in Hong Kong and how she has learned to value and love the gastronomic feasts that Hong Kong had given her. She felt so honored to be given the opportunity to star in the gourmet dining video alongside with other popular chefs, and the only female at that! "How can you say no to that??," asked Chef Gaita Fores during the launch.

"I am honored to be able to marry two of my favorite things, Hong Kong ans my passion for cooking. I'm so happy to contribute to Hong Kong's latest brand campaign," shares Chef Gaita. On the said launch, Chef Gaita has created Hong Kong inspired menu meant to savor and experience Hong Kong at its best, while she also incorporated some ingredients from the Philippines.

Filipino chef and Asia's Best Chef for 2016 Margarita 'Gaita" Araneta Fores

Here's what Chef Gaita has prepared for us during the said launch: 

Crab Trio Sformato with Chinese Black Vinegar, Negros Muscovado Glaze, Organic Greens, Calamansi Perfume, Inspired by the Shanghainese Hairy Crab & The Chairman

Hand-made Egg Taglierini, Asian Bolognese Minced Pork and Cured Goose Liver Sausage Ragu, and Organic Peanut 

potted Philippine Garoupa "in Catoccio" Cordillera Black Rice, Hong Kong Cured Meat Trio Xiaoshing Wine, Balsamico di Modena and Mindanao Sakurab Onion

piced US Angus Short Rib "Adobo" with Davao Chocolate, Negros Cinnamon, Five Spice, Philippine Soy - Chinese Plum Sauce, Pickled Bitter Gourd and Palm Heart Atchara, Rosella Chinese Barley inspired by Glazed Pork Spareribs in Plum Sauce 

The author, Purple Plum Fairy in one of the shopping destinations in Hong Kong during her 2015 trip.

The Philippines  with around 700,000 tourists continues  to visit Hong Kong each year. The city's attraction never fails to amaze and delight family oriented Filipinos with its natural landscapes, green mountains, beaches, outlying islands as well as natural breathtaking sceneries--there's no reason why you shouldn't make a trip to Hong Kong anytime in the future. 

The author's shows on top of her favorite Hong Kong born actors Jackie Chan at the Avenue of the Stars

Author Purple Plum Fairy enjoyed shopping at The Peak Galleria

Purple Plum Fairy loved the streetfoods in Tsim Sha Tsui
The author, Purple Plum Fairy at the Avenue of the Stars

Purple Plum Fairy relaxes at the Avenue of the Stars along Nathan Road

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