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Azalea Hotel and Residences Baguio City: Home Away From Home

Nestled on one of the uphill slopes of Baguio City, specifically in Leonard Loop, Azalea Residences is a welcome respite from the stress in the bustling Baguio metropolis. Purple Plum Fairy along with other blogger friends were lucky enough to have stayed at this posh hotel. Thanks to the invitation of Ms. Grace Bondad of Tree Top Adventure and top travel blogger, Melo Villareal. Prior to my visit, a friend has recommended the place simply because it offered a place to stay like a home away from home but at the same time it is also a place where one can commune with nature. At first glance, Azalea may come off as posh and luxurious, any interior design enthusiast would probably get awed and marvel at its elegant interiors and eclectic decor. But when you really think about it, you're only getting what you've paid for, at Azalea, you're just getting your money's worth. Overall, Azalea's interior is comely and inviting.

As we were welcomed into Azalea Residences, I quickly saw and understand why friends would rave about and highly recommend Azalea. Azalea Residences Baguio is picturesque—the space is adorned with flowers and lush greenery, and evokes a sense of calm. 

The breeze was perfect, cool and fresh, as we enjoyed a healthy meal of Filipino cuisine with fresh organic vegetables grown in the City of Pines at Tradisyon Coffee Shop, Azalea’s very own restaurant.  Overhead our room's balcony, we could hear the sweet chirping of birds, a preview of a relaxing day ahead. 

Established to provide one and all a perfect place to go away with the hustle and bustle of the city, Azalea Residences boasts of high-class facilities that allow everyone--of all ages from all walks of life--to have a taste of a sweet vacation and enjoy life to the full. 

Azalea Residences rooms do not have air conditioning but offers instead the cool natural Baguio breeze and its huge ceiling fans (installed on each rooms) on top of each beds. I mean, seriously, who needs an AC in a cold weather like Baguio City right? Unless you’d want to sing “Let It Go” with Anna and Elsa and be “Frozen.” Azalea makes guests especially families, enjoy the fun and thrill of Baguio by offering tours like the popular extreme park called Tree Top Adventure while basking in comfort for the duration of their stay at the hotel. 

To give you an idea, here's how my two bedroom suite looks like (I shared a room with one fellow blogger). It has a sofa set which can be converted into an extra bed with its own LCD and DVD TV set (it has its own cable), a complete kitchen (yes, you can cook here!), it has
refrigerator, microwave oven, electric cooktop with range hood, dinnerware set. The room has one master's bedroom with its own private toilet and bath plus another room (where I had stayed) with a separate toilet and bath. Each rooms also have its own LCD and DVD cable TV. 

Purple Plum Fairy as happy to have stayed at Azalea Residences Baguio for three days.

Being the OC (read: obsessive-compulsive) that I am, I immediately check on the bathroom. Aside from being spic and span, the first thing I usually check is if there's running water and then the toiletries.

Azalea Residences basic toiletries include bar soap, shampoo, bath gel, conditioner, shower cap and lotion

Each guests are provided with hygienic kits and basic toiletries. Best of all, the bathroom has an enclosed power shower with 24/7 hot water. The hot water is a must-have since taking a bath on a cold climate can be a bit daunting for some.

Basic hygiene kit includes a small plastic comb, razor, tooth brush and toothpaste tube etc.
The enclosed shower area

  Moms will be glad to note that Azalea Residences has an outdoor recreational playground for the kids. Moms can afford to rest easy while the kids are out to play. 

Azalea Hotel and Residences has a high standard of customer service from its well-trained staff. True to its claim, Azalea is indeed your holiday haven. Based on my personal experience, Azalea Hotel and Residences is a good place to reboot, be refreshed and commune with nature. Trust my word for it, I felt instantly refreshed as I found peace inside Azalea's lush and nature-friendly environment. 

Bloggers enjoy their lunch at Tradisyon Coffee Shop

Azalea is Baguio's first and only 4-star serviced apartment hotel with first-class and topnotch services and facilities that ensures each guest a relaxing stay in Baguio. Azalea is also ideal for those planning to tie the knot or for those looking for a pre-nuptial photo shoot destination or for their honeymoon.

Through this blog post, I'd also like to commend some of the Azalea staff like Sir Jaztis (sorry I was so into his name that I forgot to ask his surname) of Tradisyon Coffee Shop and Ms. Diana Rose of the front desk for they were always ready to attend to the needs of the guests and they're knowledgeable of everything and anything you ask about Azalea. 

Surprise gifts from Azalea Hotel and Residences

During our stay in the City of Pines, we were able to visit Yagam Cafe, Arca's Yard, Ben Cab Museum (and I got to meet him in person! That alone makes this trip worthwhile), The Diplomat Hotel and the Laperal House (also known as The White House), Camp John Hay and some adrenaline extreme experience at the Tree Top Adventure. 

Purple Plum Fairy at the Yagam Cafe

Trying out the local fare at Yagam Cafe

I was starstruck with nonetheless than Ben Cabrera himself!

Hamming up before the camera at The Bloody Fountain of ruins of the eerie Diplomat Hotel
 Capturing the entire essence of Baguio City in three days and two nights might not be enough time. But still, getting acquainted with the local culture is an electrifying feeling and an experience worth remembering. 

I used to believe that spending for traveling is over the top--an unnecessary expense that is only for the rich and blessed. This unexposed troglodyte's eyes have indeed been opened to another world's wonder. Unlike how most define the world through the horrible news bombarding our TV sets, the world is still beautiful--and it is still worth living for, and a reason worth seeing. 

Now, excuse me as it's time for me to stop wondering and go back to bearing deadlines. 

For reservations:   (Baguio)   (+6374) 424 8710 
                              (Manila Direct Lines)  (+632) 450 1151  /  (+632)  579 4894

Check out the room rates check  here

Visit Azalea Residences Baguio Facebook  here
Azalea official website

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