Friday, November 20, 2015

Make way for Starmobile Knight Spectra with its awesome dual rear camera

We must’ve seen a lot of great smartphones lately. And each time one brand launches its mobile model, we’d always get the same reaction: Some “ooohs” and “aaahs” here and there. And Starmobile Knight Spectra is one smartphone that truly sends such reaction. Why is that so? Well, it’s got such awesome features that’ll definitely make you want to have them. Let me give you five reason why Starmobile Knight Spectra is a top smartphone choice:
        The Starmobile Knight Spectra has LTE capability that allows high-speed internet wherever LTE is available.
·         With its 5.5 inch full HD AMOLED screen display and it’s slim and sleek making it simple  yet elegant in style.
·         It has a built-in digital TV tuner
·         It has 64-bit Octacore with 3 GB RAM

·       And best of all, it has an innovative way of taking pictures with its dual rear camera. One camera has 2MP while the other has 13MP. Starmobile Knight Spectra is the only mobile phone to date that has 2 rear cameras with DSLR capabilities. 

Nowadays, when people are so much into posting and sharing videos and photos on different social media platforms, Starmobile Knight Spectra makes it easier for you to celebrate life’s milestones and unforgettable moments. It is after all the most advanced Filipino cameraphone specifically made with shutterbug enthusiasts in mind. The Knight Spectra is just what you need to ante up your share-worthy Instagram pics.

 “The Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra is our most advanced cameraphone to date,” says Starmobile Chief Operating Officer Michael Chen. “With its unique dual rear sensors and built-in Star Cam functionality it takes the mobile point-and-shoot experience to even greater heights.”

Celebrities also graced the Starmobile Knight Spectra launch with Melissa Ricks and Say Alonzo

The two camera modules work together to help you take photos that really stand out. Here’s how the system works: the 2-megapixel sensor gathers data like light, exposure, and distance, allowing the 13-megapixel sensor to take brilliant photos more quickly and accurately.
The results? Faster focusing, amazing colors, sharper details, and automatic distortion correction the likes of which can only be found in high-end point-and-shoot cameras!
With its unique features, Starmobile Knight Spectra has functions that will enable you to do the following:
Choose the focal point of your shot after taking the photo. All you have to do is tap on the object (or person, face, etc.) you want to focus on! With Star Cam’s Super ReFocus, the dual rear camera takes photos at 10 varying lengths, then compresses them into a single file.

Take photos at exactly the right exposure level. Hate how dark photos look when you don’t use the flash, but also detest the overexposure that results when you do it with a normal smartphone cam? Chroma Flash lets your phone take two photos—one with flash and one without—in rapid succession, combining them into a single file for a better overall pic.
Zoom in without compromising photo texture and sharpness. Using your smartphone to take photos of that rocking concert you’re attending? Or maybe you want to capture precious moments at a loved one’s birthday, graduation, or wedding. Opti Zoom shoots multiple photos simultaneously to improve the quality of those close-up shots.

 “Even if photography isn’t your kind of thing, Starmobile’s KNIGHT Spectra allows you to enjoy multitasking as well as other features of any smartphones such as play graphics-heavy games, download files, and stream videos faster than you would be able to on your run-of-the-mill 3G smartphone, thanks to a Qualcomm Octa Core CPU, 3GB of RAM, LTE connectivity, and 32GB of internal memory you can expand with a micro SD card.
Elijah Mendoza explains the unique features of Starmobile Knight Spectra

Starmobile Knight Spectra also got your entertainment covered with the KNIGHT Spectra’s 5.5-inch full-HD AMOLED screen and Digital TV (DTV) function and with DTV, not only can you watch crystal-clear, cable quality TV wherever DTV services are available—and it’s available in over 65 countries worldwide—but this 100% free service lets you do record shows in real time so you can watch your favorite shows whenever you wish.

Starmobile's executives COO Jerry Manusa and CEO Ulysses Tan

 Starmobile's COO Jerry Ma┼łusa

We’ve had the opportunity to meet with Starmobile’s CEO Ulysses Tan and their new COO Jerry Ma┼łusa, a former executive from Apple Inc. in the US. Starmobile has indeed gone a long way from the time they’ve started five years ago. A factory somewhere in Southern Luzon is in the works as the company envisions itself to provide quality smartphones to the ever changing Filipino lifestyle. 

Looking for a great present this Christmas? Look no further. Give your loved one the Starmobile Knight Spectra. With top quality, innovation, realignment as it targets the millennials, it has everything you'll ever need and wanted in a phone, plus it's a true value for money. It will be available in Starmobile stores and resellers nationwide beginning the fourth week of November 2015 with an SRP of just P14,990. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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