Thursday, June 18, 2015

#ILoveWellness Campaign at Robinsons Supermarket

I once read that “if you love yourself enough, you’ve got to live a healthy lifestyle.” Get the first step towards wellness with Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness Festival. A healthy life is a choice made by each individual and Robinsons encourages everyone to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. It’s a month-long festivity which aims to help people choose wellness.

#ILoveWellness kicked off this week and will last until the whole month of July. Healthy lifestyle advocates siblings Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga tried to outdo each other with Robinsons Supermarket’s race to wellness game. Booths from well-known health and wellness brands such as nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Del Monte, Abbott, Fonterra and Unilab will also be offering activities and freebies for shoppers to enjoy and learn more about wellness.

I’ve tried on the free bone density scan from Anlene Milk and I’m glad to know that the result was okay, that as of this time, I have a very low chance of getting osteoporosis. But then, I was told, I should be careful because as women age, our bone density tends to lessen which could further lead to osteoporosis if not properly addressed and checked. That’s why it’s equally important not to get complacent and to monitor calcium intake [drink milk].  Checking out the Anlene booth during the said wellness fair, I’ve learned that when you prepare milk, it should be in warm water and not really hot or boiling one because it tends to ‘kill’ the calcium content on the milk itself. During the launch of the Wellness Fair, The Sexy Chef siblings Rachel and Barni Alejandro also prepared fresh and healthy recipes during the live recipe demonstration. 

As Robinsons Supermarket fortifies its commitment to wellness by helping more Filipinos make healthier choices, access to healthier alternatives that are made possible. The said initiative invites everyone to embark on a wellness journey the minute they enter any Robinsons Supermarket, with its unique health and wellness section. This destination area aims to address varied nutrition needs to fit every lifestyle and to help consumers make learned purchases.

Robinsons Supermarket continues to employ the “Shop Smart” tag label that color codes items based on their health benefits, nutritional content, and price discounts. Achieve everyday wellness and choose healthy items in green tags. These are products that meet at least three (3) of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s eight (8) nutritional attributes, namely: low salt, low calorie, low fat, low in saturated fat, sugar free, low cholesterol, low sodium, source of protein and source of dietary fiber.

Customers are also spoilt for choice as Robinsons Supermarket has its own exclusive line of healthy products called Healthy You, which ranges from nuts, oats, juice, olive oils and many more. Or, they can also check out the supermarket’s ready-to-eat station called Healthy Selections where pre-packed healthy meals called Fit Cuisine or the make-your-own salad station can be found. 

“We, at Robinsons Supermarket, believe that health and wellness is not a destination but a continuous journey. And we want to be part of that journey in people’s lives by being a trusted partner that they can always rely on for all their health and wellness needs,” said Robinsons Supermarket General Manager Jody Gadia.

The wellness journey is made more fun with the upcoming 8th Wellness Fit & Fun Buddy Run set on July 5 at Bonifacio Global City where 4,500 runners are expected to join in the 5km and 10km categories. This is the only buddy run in the country that seeks to encourage participants to get their partners, friends or relatives into an active lifestyle. For Robinsons Supermarket, wellness is not only about advocating fresh and nutritious food, but also of encouraging its patrons to adopt a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and taking care of one’s personal being.

One’s wellness journey will truly be rewarding especially this July with the supermarket’s Wellness Festival where exciting activities and freebies will be offered throughout the month. For instance, given a minimum purchase of Php3,000 with Php500 worth of purchase of participating wellness products, customers can enjoy free nutritious items like Healthy You Mixed Nuts. This is just some of the activities or offers in-store for Robinsons Supermarket customers nationwide. 

The Wellness Festival is a reminder that choosing the healthy lifestyle starts with you taking the first step. Join the celebration and learn how healthier days can start at Robinsons Supermarket.
Let Robinsons Supermarket be your guide in this journey to wellness and be part of the #ILoveWellness campaign. Like it on Facebook or visit its official website at to learn more about the “I Love Wellness” campaign and for latest updates.

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