Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Steps Project: Taking Little Steps Towards an Active and HealthyLifestyle

Let's admit it, we're all guilty of being couch potatoes at some point in our lives. With the kind of careers that most of us have, activities like basketball and surfing now take on a whole new different meaning--we basketball as we throw crumpled papers on the trash bins, and we surf on the world wide webs using the Internet. Unfortunately, those career which entails a lot of sitting like secretaries, writers, editors, graphic artists--they are candidates for obesity, high blood pressure, etc. Leading a sedentary life could eventually end one's life, rather too early. We know exercise is good for us, but the problem is we're having a hard time in sustaining our exercise or sports regimen. I am guilty of leading a sedentary life myself. I do a lot of sitting but little exercise (Do I see someone screaming, Ouch! OK, we're guilty of such). Studies have shown that we sit an average of 9.6 hours a day.  We need to make an extra effort to exercise. I work everyday infront of the pc as I write, translate, edit, use social media (check on my friends' FB status and post on my own). I even found a gadget that kept me in bed as I pecked and swipe--I use my ipad mini as I stretch my legs or lie on bed or keep my upper body propped in a huge pillow. We basically lose track of our own health.  This is where The Steps Project comes in--an advocacy project made to promote better health, spearheaded by its ambassador, Rovilson Fernandez, a fitness advocate and celebrity. This movement aims to promote awareness of achieving and maintaining an active lifestyle by moving. The movement is all about educating individuals that you can achieve better health just by making decisions that allow you to move your feet one STEP at a time. 

A regular physical activity, like exercise or sports, even as simple as walking actually has a lot of benefits. It can boost one's mood, improve sex life, control weight, prevent or manage diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and even depression. Physical exercise also makes you more alert and energetic. It would help you find a gym buddy, a friend or two in taebo classes to keep us sweating and burning fats. You can also find an active sport you can engage in and be passionate about. Whether it's a gym workout, basketball, running, or dancing, whatever physical activity you're interested in--keep in mind that you're doing it to keep your body fit and healthy. God gave you a body and, as steward, you ought to take care if it so you'll live healthy and happily the way He intended it. 

Having a community of friends is a great stress-buster. I have found friends in my weekend Zumba exercise group where I belong and they're a source of encouragement to me. So when I heard about The STEPS PROJECT, I became really excited because I know it will benefit people to lead a more active life and in the process become healthier. 

The STEPS PROJECT is an advocacy for better health. It aims to promote awareness of achieving and maintaining an active lifestyle by moving. This movement is about educating individuals that you can achieve better health just by making decisions that allow you to move your feet one STEP at a time. You don't need to "intentionally exercise" to achieve better health, all you need is to keep "moving". The STEPS PROJECT is basically a stepping community supports individuals to achieve good health. All throughout each month, there will be activities prepared for those who will join the movement. They'll have dog walks for pet lovers, Filipino games for kids, some belly dancing, and other fun activities that you can do with fellow members. The STEPS PROJECT is the first of its kind that gives one a new way to look at fitness. There will be a lifestyle fair for its launching activity that's worth your time. It's a support sport system you can latch on, meet people from all walks of life, walk and bond with your family and friends, feel better and start leading a healthier life.

Come and join The STEPS PROJECT on May 18, 2014 at the UP Diliman Oval Track. Participation fee is only Php350 which includes The STEPS PROJECT Official shirt, goodie bags and sponsor giveaways. For every 2,000 steps that you make (which is roughly one round of the UP Oval), a participant receives a baller which he or she could exchange for a token prize at the STEPS PROJECT Lifestyle Fair! How cool is that? The goal is that each participant achieves 10,000 steps or more. The more steps you make, the bigger the rewards/token prizes you could bring home! The STEPS PROJECT Lifestyle fair will be held from  5:30 AM until 10:00AM at the AS parking lot in UP Diliman. 

Surprise personalities/celebrities will also be there to support the said advocacy. And as part of The STEPS PROJECT's effort to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), they also encourage participants to bring a new pair of slippers to be donated to those affected in Tacloban. The STEPS PROJECT is hoping to accumulate 10,000 pair of slippers on the said date. But if you're interested, you can already donate slippers this early.

I do hope that you can help support this project as this will surely benefit each one of us. More endorphins released through active walking, the happier we'll be. Save the date guys, May 18,2014 at the UP Diliman Oval for The STEPS PROJECT Lifestyle Fair. 

Online Pre-registration for The STEPS PROJECT Lifestyle Fair is now open. Please log on to their website www.thestepsproject.com. To get updates and event details please like the, on Facebook at https://facebook.com/thestepsproject.
Here's another good news: You can receive Php50 off from the registration fee if you mention or put "PurplePlumFairy" in the referred section on the form provided below.
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  1. Aw...I wish I was there but I had work. :( Anyway, yeah I think one of the biggest culprits to my weight gain is sitting long hours by the computer and lots of food that went with it. I've started my quest for weight loss and health gain with the family.

    1. Hi, May! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and for dropping by as well. I've just heard the good news that The Steps Project has been moved to a better date. It's going to be held in May 18,2014 instead of April to give more people the chance to participate. I do hope you can save this date this time. Hope to see you there!

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