Thursday, August 16, 2012


A view of the recent flood (not Ondoy but Habagat) from the author's screened window.

As I got up this morning, I saw what’s left of our stuff that’s been washed up from the recent floods in the metro. To be honest, I can no longer remember how I was able to carry our fridge with another relative, how I tried to save on a huge sofa chair bigger than I was and how fast did the water went up. I guess everything stemmed from all the sudden rush of adrenaline. Instead of complaining, I decided to pray and thank the Lord that we’ve been all saved.
 For me, everything felt like some sort of a déjà vu. It seemed like yesterday when the same scene happened before my very eyes. The experience reminds me of how Metro Manila was devastated by typhoon Ondoy, and how we were affected by it.

 Living near the outskirts of Marikina, we are used to all the flooding so to speak. But our Ondoy experience had been different. It had totally washed off our stuff. I vividly recall how I cried a river over my precious collection of books—titles from Sweet Valley to Harry Potter to my psychology hardbound—oh, how I tried to save on them, but to no avail. The water inside our house rose up to waist-deep. We were all stranded on our second floor where we had some of the things we had saved from the flood. We had not eaten lunch that day because there was no way we can buy food. We were quietly praying the Holy Rosary believing that God hears what we implore. And surely He had heard His people.

Unfortunately, we lost the only memory of my beloved grandma in that flood—an old comfy recliner chair she used to sit on when she was still alive. It was her only memento—and it was something that we all regarded with respect. Our memory of her in that seat was something that we always cherish. As a young girl, it was where my grandma used to tell us stories of her time as well as fairy tales. My family had used it for ages. The same chair had been used by each of her grandchildren (we were ten) and great grandchildren (nine) as their parents lull them to sleep. If that chair could talk, it could probably tell lots of stories about my ancestors who previously used it. 
And I really felt bad that due to the typhoon, it got washed off muddy and it could no longer be restored back to its original form.  We all tried to look for something that could come closer to its look, but to our dismay, we couldn’t find anything like it. Of course, there were others who actually looked like it—but they’ve got none of the ultra comfy velvet soft features it had.  Until I stumbled upon Mandaue Foam’s reclining chair as I was browsing their online catalogue.  It looked exactly like my grandma’s old recliner chair! Unfortunately, due to some major responsibilities, we cannot afford to buy it at this time. So can you imagine my elation when I saw and tried to sit on the said chair in flesh? And I couldn’t contain my excitement when it was announced that the displayed items would be given away? It happened during the Bourne Legacy special screening held at the Shangri-La Cineplex recently—a partnership between Mandaue Foam and Nuffnang.  

The comfy recliner chair the author dreams of. 

 Now in my answer to the question, as to why do I deserve to win a Mandaue Foam reclining chair, I believe that I deserve to win the said chair because it will not only be for my personal use. I will be sharing it with the rest of my family and my entire relatives who are living with us.  My aunt (who has remained single since she has worked hard to help earn a living for her family being the eldest among my grandma’s seven children), now in her late 60’s will be retiring soon after more than forty years of working. It’ll be a delight to let her sit back and relax as she enjoys her carefree days at home sans any pressure from work. My uncle’s wife will surely love sitting on Mandaue Foam’s recliner chair as she breastfeeds her little one. Another aunt, who’s battling with thyroid cancer will definitely appreciate the comforts of the said chair as she fights her battle with the big C during those times when she had to undergo chemo and radiation therapy. My cousins will love the chair as it will make watching blu-ray DVDs and movie marathons more enjoyable.

I’ve always wanted our living room to have that added oomph and I know that the recliner chair will certainly do just that. We are a family of movie buffs and I know we all dream to afford that lazy-boy type of chair with footrest. I personally go for a soft, plush feeling with firm support when it comes to chairs since I do have a back problem and Mandaue Foam’s recliner chair perfectly fits that need. Apart from its resplendently elegant design, I know pretty much that underneath those velvet covers are honest-to-goodness and world-class quality materials. Mandaue Foam’s recliner chair will surely relieve all the pressures of work, will relax and help us all get to have some “me” quality time.

I am looking forward seeing an old lady with her own reflection and her struggles, the exhaustion, the guilt and fear, not often articulated in her salted gray-silver hair, that in her solo time in a special ergonomically designed recliner chair, she will be making history repeats itself: soon telling stories of her time with her grandchildren, finding solace in a recliner chair she calls her own. In due time, I’d also like to leave my grandchildren wonderful memories and stories that they would cherish forever in their hearts. 

As I end this blog entry, I could only cross my fingers and wish upon a star that hopefully, God willing, I could give my family the recliner chair that we once lost in the flood. J

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mandaue Foam for the Fantasy pillow they gave us in exchange of the relief goods we had donated. My sleep had never been this good.

Mandaue Foam's Fantasy Pillow
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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