Wednesday, July 25, 2012


As I face each single day with a myriad of pressure, stress and demands from work, not to mention having to balance my responsibilities and to not totally abandon my social life to keep my emotional sanity—sleeping for long hours had actually been my utmost desire. I long for the days when I could actually enjoy sleeping just as I did when I was younger. I don’t know what went wrong, but I wasn’t always nocturnal. In fact, my friends could attest that I used to be someone who’s “early to bed, early to rise” type of person. I guess somewhere along the way, or perhaps in the process of doing my work, I had developed insomnia which led me to become nocturnal. I take pleasure each time I sleep especially with the kind of bed that is not only soft and comfy but it had to be made from highest standard in terms of quality.  I liked sleeping on Mandaue Foam bed. It perfectly suits my needs—not too soft and not too hard, just right on my back. It does the same for their other items like ottoman chairs among many others. They are all made from top quality so you know pretty much you're getting something of value. Their items are built to last for a long time, giving you a good investment and a pretty good value for your money.

As I browsed through Mandaue Foam’s website,, I also liked Mandaue Foam’s catalogue of chairs—they’re very ergonomic and stylish, perfect for someone like me. This particular chair caught my attention because it looks very regal, like the ones I see on TV being used on the table of dignified men or royalties. I'd love to sit on this lovely seat and imagine myself as a princess--very prim and proper with fabulous gown wearing a tiara. So much for my daydreaming! But honestly, I'd love to have this uber awesome chair. It'll surely make me feel like a real-life princess. Oh, have I mentioned I am a sucker for anything that had velvet on them? This one is no exception.

I was also surprised to know that Mandaue Foam also had an array of other items aside from bed or foam-based items alone.  To begin with, they had a whole lot of space-saving products that will definitely make things easier for us to design our rooms  and interiors. This crown shelf with support from Mandaue Foam will surely help me arrange my collection of books neatly. It is also a great space saver since I had a lot of cute little toy knick-knacks that I had collected all through the years which I do not know where to properly keep them. Of course, I do not want them to be thrown away and I had always this desire to display them. Perhaps I could finally put them on display using this crown shelf with support so that people or those who come and visit me and take a peek into my room would be able to see them. Since my room is pretty small, with the help of this upper shelf, I can make use of my space better.

My room will surely look fabulous with this crown shelf with support from Mandaue Foam.
I instantly fell in love with this elegantly designed black dining set from Mandaue Foam catalogue. It will perfectly fit into the minimalist dream house I had been eyeing for. Sleek, stylish and a real gem. It would make every family dining extra special. I could imagine myself exchanging intimate conversations and catching up with my family every night while eating a hearty meal I had prepared. Since this dining table has six chairs, I could invite three more friends to join us for say lunch or dinner. Eating delicious food makes it more exciting when shared with the company of real friends and I'm sure they'll love to have some more food or in vernacular, "lalo silang gaganahan" (they'll have a bigger appetite) since these chairs will make them "at-home" and comfortable even more. 

Do check out Mandaue Foam's newest TV ad and you're sure to find something you'll like to have or purchase as well : 

These are three of my great finds from the Mandaue Foam website catalogue. I'll be saving money to buy these for myself. The truth of the matter was, it's hard to choose from the wide array of items on the site because you're going to like all of them. But for mer, these three items above are my great finds. They may look simple and ordinary, but I'm sure they're made from the finest quality since they're made by Mandaue Foam--a company Filipinos had been trusting for years.

Visit and browse through Mandaue Foam's official website and you're sure to hone your imagination with their amazing products. You will definitely visualize your dream home and blend them perfectly well with items and products you'll find on Mandaue Foam's online catalogue.

I hope since Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam partners for the movie screening of The Bourne Legacy next month, I do hope my luck strikes again and I wish to be part of its invited bloggers. I do want to see the film so as to know where they shot the scenes in Manila and be proud as I watch our locals become talents for the film. I'm sure as Filipinos see the film, they would feel Filipino pride in their hearts, knowing fully well that we do not only able to showcase Pinoy acting talents but also the very place we call Home--the Philippines.

With the rise of Filipino talents supported by Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam, it's always nice to come home to the country. I'd buy a DVD of this movie once it comes out in Blu-ray. I'd love to watch this film while I am lying on my Mandaue Foam bed. Speaking of such, I think it's past my bed time...I better finish this blog post before I head for slumberland. With Mandaue Foam--you're going to think of your home, your imagination.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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