Friday, July 13, 2012


I’ve always been an SM baby. I grew up spending weekends at SM since my family had been their loyal customers. A proof of which is my own SM Advantage card where I’ve been a member since they had it launched some years back. Life had been pretty difficult for many of us so it’s really important to gauge how we could properly and wisely spend every single centavo we earn. My family and I usually take advantage of SM mall-wide sale such as the GREAT NORTHERN SALE of SM North Edsa—a three-day sale (July 13, 14 and 15).  The advertisement says that SM offers up to 70 percent off on selected items.  So even if it was a Friday, and 13th at that (it meant “salary day” for most employees), I decided to check out the discounts and headed for North. 

The author's SM Advantage Card

I arrived past lunchtime and OMG! Indeed, there were loads of sale on display: Buy One Take One items were everywhere as well as Buy One Item get another item for a lower price and awesome low prices (you’re like getting the items for a song!) I looked at the huge crowd before me rummaging through a stack of shoes, bags, Parisian sandals and toys. In as much as I wanted to buy stuff for my family, I figured I needed to buy things for myself. After all, this is my “me” time. This is the first time I went to an SM mall-wide sale alone.  I immediately went to the “Plus-Size” department.

This is what makes me more “at home” with SM Department Stores. They offer amazingly trendy and fashionably stylish clothing for plus-sized women at really affordable prices. And they’re even lower now since it’s the great northern sale! I found big discounts on my fave brands Maxine and Tubby.  So I looked no further and lined up for the fitting room. It’s just a bit sad that there was a long queue of other plump plus sized women. I just wish SM would provide makeshift fitting rooms with curtains each time they have mall-wide sales such as these. So there was I, awaiting my turn for the fitting room. I spent almost an hour just to fit the clothes I wanted. That’s how long the line had been.  My advice is if you don’t want to fall in line, be there early by 10AM—the minute SM North Edsa opens. The place gets jampacked especially on a mall-wide sale such as this.
The old lady in pink assisted by the helpful SM sales ladies.

While I was there standing on the line, I noticed two SM salesladies trying to help an old lady (a senior citizen I assume) to fit her clothes as she’s about to attend her granddaughter’s debut. The SM ladies were friendly and although the old woman was a little grumpy, they stayed put and tried their best to assist the customer in every way. I strongly suggest that SM management will also have some sort of a fast lane or a special fitting room for senior citizen or persons with disabilities. The old woman doesn’t have the capacity to fall in the long queue, so she had to content herself outside these dressing rooms and fit her clothes right then and there. I heard her saying in the vernacular, “Di bale na, matanda naman na ako, wala ng magkakainteres sumilip pa sa kung anong meron ako.” (No worries, I think I’m too old that people would no longer mind if I go naked here, nobody would take interest to peek.)

Just like her, there were some women who didn’t have the patience for the line; they’d just fit the stuff with their clothes on. But since I wanted to be sure it fits me to a T and that it’ll looked good on me, I patiently waited until it was my turn. 

People rummaging through shoes!

50% off on most items!

I wore a pink blouse in front of a mirror when I heard a woman’s voice as she grumbled, “It’s not fair! Why does it look good on you when we almost had the same body type?” I almost laughed my heads off until I realized she was apparently talking to me. “Uhmm, do you have kids?” I asked. She nodded. I’ve made an instant conclusion, “Maybe that’s why…you see, madam. Am still single and I’ve never had a kid yet. (In all honesty and modesty aside, I wanted to add, plus the fact that I am prettier and younger than she was. But I held on my tongue, I didn’t want to ruin her day.) So as I glanced myself from the common mirror, I couldn’t help but smile. I wanted to bask and take pleasure in her “flattering remark” even as I was under her envious eyes.  

Another long line towards the cashier.

Buy 1 take 1 on bags!

After fitting on clothes for quite sometime, I’ve settled for a black blouse that used to be P799.75 as its regular price but since it’s the great northern sale, it’s now available at P200! That’s as much as six hundred pesos savings, very seldom do you get something as cheap as this! I checked on if it had some tarnish or any damage but it had none! I also got myself a bluish white gingham cargo shorts that used to be around P799.75 but I had it for P400 only.
The author inside the fitting room.

the author trying on clothes

The author smiling before the camera.
The truth of the matter was there were a whole lot of choices and other discounts at really low prices that choosing which ones you like may be the only problem. I had to sit for a while (after long hours spent standing, waiting for my turn at the fitting room, walking, looking for clothes and rummaging through the sale items), as I’m not really an impulsive buyer. In the end, I decided to buy the items and forget the guilt about not buying stuff for my family that Friday. I figured, I’ll just be returning on Sunday (July15) and I’ll be bringing them with me as well. I had to be back, I wanted to take advantage of the great discounts and much, much more.

By the way, if you’ve made a purchase worth P1, 000 in a single receipt, you are entitled to a raffle coupon for a chance to win one of the five iPads that SM are giving away plus if you spent P10, 000 purchase in a single receipt, you’ll be given an instant SM gift card for FREE! And if you've spend P2,500 at SM Department store, you'd be given a Gourmet Card for free which you can avail of discounts and freebies from selected establishments. How cool is that, folks? 

So hurry, head for the North and avail the coolest promos and amazing discounts at the SM North Edsa Great Northern Sale!
I went home last Friday happier knowing fully well that I have new outfits to wear that I both got for a steal price! Shopping is indeed worth it at SM! I’ve always been an SM baby and I guess some things are meant to be for keeps…J
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mr. Azrael Coladilla and Mr. Jack Quimpo.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


  1. i was so tempted to go to SM North EDSA yesterday, but decided against it.A 3-day sale wasn't the most friendly place for a mom with a rowdy toddler to be in! But I so want those Fila trainers so badly! Maybe I'll just wait for the next 3-day sale! :)

  2. I just came across with your post and it is a nice post because I love sale and I will buy all I want it in a low prices; wishing someday that I will shop and visit this mall someday. Thank you.


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