Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Petron Treats Unveils Fresh Look and Fresher Delights: A New Era of Convenience


Press Release:

Industry leader Petron Corporation is sprucing up its Treats Stores to offer motorists a new era of convenience. Kicking off the rollout of the refreshed Petron Treats outlets, major stops will be opening their renovated stores within the next few weeks. These include Treats Tagaytay (Petron Tagaytay Kaybagal), Treats PEC 1 (Petron NLEX NB Marilao), Treats PEC 2 (Petron NLEX SB Bocaue), and Treats PEC3 (Petron SLEX San Pedro)

The new Petron Treats stores are expected to delight customers from all walks of life, with their fresh and vibrant vibe. For tired and weary travelers looking for a welcome break, these new stores are sure to boost everyone’s spirits with more exciting offerings, including fresh- baked bread and aromatic coffee.

A Bright and Clean Transformation

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping into the new and improved Petron Treats is the transformation of the store’s ambiance. It now radiates a welcoming brightness that uplifts your spirits from the moment you enter. A brightly lit haven with clean lines, well-organized shelves, and a modern interior, the store offers an inviting space for the whole family to enjoy.

The Fun Vibe of Petron Treats

The fun vibe at Petron Treats isn’t just a concept; it’s a real and tangible experience for customers. The store’s new look is complemented by vibrant signage, eye-catching displays, and splashes of color that enliven the atmosphere. Inside, you’ll be treated to Petron’s exclusive Spotify playlist of happy pop tunes guaranteed to elevate everyone’s overall pleasure index. Feel like shaking off those cramped muscles? Stretch out and jive to the happy tunes!

Freshly-Baked Bread: A New Sensation

The best part about Petron Treats is its range of breads, all freshly baked in-store. You don’t have to settle for pre-packaged snacks. You can relish the aroma of freshly baked bread as you explore your options, from warm and fluffy pan de sal, to filling hotdog rolls to yummy cheesy ensaymada, and other baked goodies. For sure, the Petron Treats bakery section will be a hotspot for customers seeking a quick and delicious snack.

Coffee Corner: Brewing Happiness

To complement the freshly baked bread selection, Petron Treats is also introducing its Signature Coffee Blends so can enjoy a steaming cup of your favorite brew. Whether it’s Cafe Americano, a frothy cappuccino, a velvety latte, or a hot chocolate, the coffee corner can help you unwind and recharge in a cozy environment.

A Sense of Community

Petron Treats isn’t just your ordinary service station convenience store or pit stop. With its relaunch, it is also focused on building a sense of community, especially for loyal Petron customers. Watch out for games, special treats, and promotional offers with the opening of the new Petron Treats outlets.

Having served the needs of Filipino motorists for 90 years, industry leader Petron Corporation is keenly attuned to their changing needs and is constantly innovating and improving its products and services to offer its customers a world-class experience. Upgrading the Petron Treats Store transforms it into a place that goes beyond convenience. With a bright and clean look, a fun vibe, freshly baked bread, and quality coffee, it’s set to become a place where people go not just for necessities but for moments of joy and connection. Experience this exciting transformation for yourself by visiting the new Petron Treats store on your next road trip!

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