Sunday, July 30, 2023

Taco Bell introduces Taco Bowl


You’ll never look at rice bowls the same way again with the new Taco Rice Bowl from Taco Bell

Have you ever been so hungry that you could eat an entire dish of rice? You can now, since Taco Bell has designed a new rice dish that allows you to do just that! With Taco Bell's latest innovation, the new Taco Rice Bowl, you'll never look at rice bowls the same way again! Discover new ways to enjoy your favorite Tex-Mex flavors, with two delicious selections!

The new Taco Beef Rice Bowl is made with perfectly cooked and seasoned Mexican rice, topped with several dollops of equally flavorful ground beef, and then garnished with shredded fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a special sauce, all contained in a bowl-shaped taco wrap that you can also eat!

There's also the new Taco BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl, which is constructed with properly cooked and seasoned Mexican rice and is enhanced by a generous amount of chicken chunks, garnished with shredded fresh lettuce and diced tomatoes, and finished with a drizzle of barbeque sauce. Everything is enclosed within an appetizing taco wrap dish!

The Taco Beef Rice Bowl and Taco BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl are both P209 a la carte, but you can have a whole meal with a 12-oz portion of ice-cold and fizzy cola for an extra P20. Beginning July 19, 2023, the Taco Beef Rice Bowl and Taco BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl will be available exclusively for dine-in in all Taco Bell locations nationwide.

Visit a Taco Bell near you to enjoy this new invention alongside your other Taco Bell favorites! A list of operational branches can be found at
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