Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Grab The Marketplace’s Pure Imagineocean eco-bag


Gone are the days when people used to take plastic bags for their everyday shopping. People are now getting aware of how plastic bags harm the environment and wildlife. I live in Quezon City where in 2012, they established the city ordinance regulating the use of plastic bags and establishing an environmental fee for its use known as the "Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance."

Single-use plastic is one of the primary contributors to the environment's rapid degradation. It has been disposed of indiscriminately in environmentally sensitive sites such as streams and landfills, among others, despite having virtually no recyclable purposes. The biggest concern in Quezon City was the carelessly dumped plastic bags. While they represented a missed chance to recover, reuse, and recycle plastic, they also negatively influenced the city's waste stream, leading to various environmental nuisances.

Since summer is here and the ocean, as well as the beach, are calling us out. Recycle Now’s Julie Brown once said: “Summer is one of the busier times of year for waste collection services, particularly for metal cans, plastic and glass bottles, and garden waste, it becomes the season of waste." The unpredictable weather means many people leave their grocery planning and shopping to the last minute, but hurried menu planning, last-minute choices, and worries about providing enough for everyone to eat can lead to over catering and increased waste. While it’s tempting to pack disposable products, buying reusable ones could save you money which you can enjoy spending on extra treats. The disposable way of life also costs more in the end, with both bank balances and the environment taking the strain.

Sadly, plastic bags are being thrown into the ocean

The Marketplace's Pure Imagineocean eco-bag helps preserve the Philippine seas from plastic pollution by allowing you to carry everything you need! These bags provide a clean, safe, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. The Marketplace's Pure Imagineocean eco bags reduce the need for single-use plastic bags, which have been shown to harm the environment. Plastic bags, which are made of petroleum, contribute to the extraction of fossil resources. They also pose a significant disposal issue. Plastic bags take generations to degrade in nature, burning them emits harmful chemicals, and plastic rubbish hurts a variety of marine animals in the oceans.

Purple Plum Fairy with her The Marketplace Pure Imagineocean eco bag

Personally, I like having a reliable eco bag with me rather than single-use plastic bags. They are more durable aside from somehow doing my part in helping save Mother Earth. This is also why upon learning about this initiative from The Marketplace, I immediately got my own bag. Shopping for my household needs had never been this nice! Plus, I got to shop for our favorite Woolworth Australia's well-loved brands. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. 😉

In collaboration with Save Philippine Seas, help us conserve the Philippine Seas and make conservation initiatives a reality. From March 2 through May 13, 2023, get a Pure Imagineocean environmental bag for P199 (regularly P279) with a minimum purchase of P1,500 and P500 worth of eligible items. This item is available at all The Marketplace locations!

The spacious eco bags encourages responsible and safe shopping. It is not just a sustainable bag but it is large enough to carry your entire day's worth of shopping. It also means you’re also able to save discarded plastic bags from a waste landfill.

Get a discounted Pure Imagineocean eco-bag for only P199 (regular price of P279) for a minimum purchase of P1,500 with P500 worth of participating items. Join this cause and get your own reusable bag at any The Marketplace branches nationwide until May 13, 2023!

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