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ARTablado launches Group Contemporary Art Exhibit with "Buklod Para sa Sining"


Artablado by Robinsons Land

Artablado by Robinsons Land announces the opening of "Buklod Para sa Sining," this is a highly anticipated group art exhibit featuring artists from different walks of life. Buklod features the abstract works of 11 artists: Jas Agbunag, Anton Aguas, Richard Apostol, MarPolo Cabrera, Meyo de Jesus, Rolly delos Santos, Ross del Rosario, Danny Encabo, Veejay Palcunan, Patrice Palisoc and Ronald “Doods” Pena.

"Buklod Para sa Sining" is the theme of Robinsons Land ARTablado's opening exhibit for National Arts Month. ARTablado encourages artists to let their imaginations run wild and give in to their desire for exploration and experimentation in order to be the best at what they do in addition to giving them a platform to display their works.

The exhibit’s theme, “Buklod” means “unity or alliance” among artists. The two-week exhibition presents a selection of works by established and emerging contemporary artists who share a desire to change perceptions of artistic expression and mediums while delivering potent critiques of the status quo through their works. Buklod Para sa Sining is designed to be as much a cultural experience as an artistic one, an innovative twist sure to excite fans of contemporary art. Additionally, all of the artists in "Buklod" share a common goal of expressing themselves through art + art appreciarion, which may very well be their guiding ideology.

Ms. Cookie Marquez, Corporate Public Relations Manager of Robinsons Land Corporation

Ms. Cookie Marquez, Corporate Public Relations Manager of Robinsons Land Corporation, and MarPolo Cabrera, one of the featured artists are the creators of the show and the duo at the helm of Artablado’s “Buklod Para sa Sining” exhibit.

Buklod Para sa Sining exhibit is a thought-provoking exhibition that will explore the parallel myths, narratives, and stories that art so powerfully communicates to its audience. The exhibit features a broad mix of paintings, Marquez and Cabrera created a show that will highlight the vitality and diversity of contemporary art.

In addition to drawing on the exceptional talents of Artablado artists’ portfolio of established artists, this illuminating show will also introduce a number of exciting new artists who the gallery has recently tapped to showcase their talents.

MarPolo Cabrera, the group leader for this "Buklod Para sa Sining" exhibit

One of MarPolo Cabrera's work

Buklod Para sa Sining also includes a number of highly regarded works by MarPolo Cabrera whose work intelligently marries contemporary art and synesthesia—an experience of senses where the person associates music/sounds with colors. “I would translate the sounds I hear into vibrant splashes of color on my canvas,” said Cabrera. His vivid acrylic paintings are inspired by certain songs like Indian songs, showcasing how he sees musical notes as different textures and hues. 

Mother and Child artwork by MarPolo Cabrera

We think that ARTablado can provide Filipino artists with a platform where they may proudly display their work to the globe. It serves as a conduit for artists to reach viewers. "Our goal is to support  Filipino artists. We are united at nag-buklod kami to celebrate art and our enthusiasm, Cabrera remarked, "Iba't-iba man 'yung style ng bawat isa."

One of the artworks on exhibit

Artablado’s Buklod show also introduces artist Richard Apostol, whose intricate abstract canvases are characterized by thick brushstrokes and dark tones and openly explores themes of memory, thought-provoking and conveying a strong message. “Art serves as my outlet to de-stress and not just as a means for self-expression,” said Apostol who works as a Senior Associate Designer for a BPO company. 

Artist Richard Bobbier Apostol with his masterpiece on the ARTablado exhibit

"Art allows me to have that the freedom to communicate insights," explains Apostol. As they often say, it's easier to show something in a picture than to describe it with words. And for someone like Apostol, his art which has become his passion serves as his venue to express his emotions, open up more to people and bare his soul. 

Richard Apostol with two of his artworks on exhibit

Even though he had poor vision, he continued to pursue the arts because they were his passion. His earlier works were impressionist-influenced figurative that captured moments and changed realities into metamorphic visual and aural substances. His conceptual approach to his works uses many color tones to imply possibilities and probabilities. "Through my paintings, I wish to connect with the viewer and take them on a meaningful trip that encompasses significance in life," Apostol says.

Daryll Villena of, Purple Plum Fairy, Richard Apostol and brother Raymond Apostol

As spectators, we often view art as a single-layered narrative or artist’s expression with a distinct tone and volume,” adds Apostol. "With Buklod sa Sining, our goal is to curate a collection that invites visitors to discover layers of meaning that contribute to a broader exploration of art’s capacity to simultaneously incite both aesthetic and cultural critiques.” 

Artist Meyo De Jesus with his artworks.

Another abstract artist, Meyo De Jesus shared how his artwork connects with people. "Each artwork speaks through my heart as an artist and at the same time stirs thoughts across all boundaries," said De Jesus, whose first exposure to art began with comics. De Jesus' stalwart images have an epic quality that gives the viewer the idea that he or she is looking at a contemporary description of something spontaneous that has eternal qualities.

Some of the artworks on exhibit at Buklod Para sa Sining

Aspiring artists have a wide range of options and chances at ARTablado. ARTablado is more than just a place for exhibitions; the organization's founders assist artists in promoting their work, interact with art collectors and introduce them to the person or group being featured, and offer guidance to artists on how to negotiate in the art world. 

Buklod Para sa Sining artists together with the brains behind ARTablado combined their creative energies to produce a show that will inspire all Filipino artists, from neophytes to seasoned professionals.

ARTablado is the ideal setting for artists to share their love of art. ARTablado can provide Filipino artists with a platform where they can demonstrate to the world that they are pleased to be Filipino. ARTablado serves as a link between viewers and artists. It promotes ARTablado Filipino artists. 

Indeed, ARTablado clearly shows that art is for everyone. Regular mall goers, shoppers, both young and old--art transcends all barriers. Art is universal. Art is made free for all. All for the love of art, for art appreciation--for everyone to visually appreciate and for artists like the Buklod Para sa Sining group to share their God-given talents. 

Buklod Para sa Sining is a celebration of art from our finest Filipino artists. Let's all support them! Come & see the group exhibit at the 3rd level of Robinsons Galleria, ARTablado gallery (near Kenny Rogers and Noona restaurants) from February 1 to 15, 2023. 

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