Friday, November 4, 2022

Make Way for OrphanFreakshow


Orphanfreakshow performing before a live audience during the "Dutdutan Festival"

If you happened to enjoy the recent Dutdutan Festival 2022 -- the art tattoos and the music that goes with it -- chances are you liked the featured band, OrphanFreakshow, which performed along with Deda Willet Dela Cruz, the vocalist at Asylum Miseria.

Oh, it was fun. We sounded like a big bulldozer. I’m very particular about live and studio tones. That’s why we had so much gear,” OrphanFreakshow shared about his festival experience.

Behind OrphanFreakshow is a soft-spoken gentle giant who has come a long way after battling life's disturbances like the death of his father and dealing with depression.

His music -- experimental, dark, and introspective -- has helped him cope up and thus, it became his therapy.

"OrphanFreakshow is my alter-ego," he said. He first thought of his name after his father passed away. He said he became an ‘orphan’ when his father died. He explained he felt to be an orphan even if he still has blood relations with the world.

Orphanfreakshow performs at the Dutdutan Festival

“Everyone thought I just came up with that name to be my alter-ego, but it turned out to be black shadows that led my life to manifest into a freak show,” he explains.

“Every art I create in the form of music and each song I compose, there’s always a story behind it. I walk the talk and those stuff are definitely from my life. Listeners just had to read between the lines to know exactly what kind of message I want to convey to the audience,” explained OrphanFreakshow who let his personality shines through his music.

With this unfortunate event in his life, he was then clinically diagnosed with depression. His music -- experimental, dark, and introspective -- has helped him cope up and thus, his music became his therapy.

What makes OrphanFreakshow different from other musicians would probably be because I poured my heart and my guts into this stuff. I am honest about my music. I don’t BS my listeners. I am passionate about what I do."

Orphanfreakshow has a lot of elements and wide spectrum, from modern metal to rap or hip hop, and some electronic music too. His musical influences include Korn, Metallica to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, to the Weeknd to the rappers. “But my main influence had always been my father. He used to bring me all to these sick records of Michael Jackson and the likes. He even bought my first electric guitar and always supported me. I used to make him listen to my work on other recordings back when he was still around.”

OrphanFreakshow further intensified his interest in recording his popular songs and compiled Filth, Filthier, Freakshow --me and Love Lust—all evoke similarities falling under his signature riffs, sound structure and insane lyrical content that trap you into the circus world. His music was praised for its ambient, melancholic feel. It invites listeners into his soul’s bizarre depth.

Today, OrphanFreakshow and his music continues to be available in popular all digital stream platforms. He is the future of modern music, while he maintains a persona shrouded in mystery. He narrates that his music has drowning lyrical content and somehow represents his other self—the one that is hidden from the public.

OrphanFreakshow is close to wrapping his debut full-length album . To know more about his music, click the link

To know more, follow Orphan-Freakshow on his social media accounts and listen to his singles which can now be streamed in all digital platforms.
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