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Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream introduces new exciting flavors


Guest celebrities during the Magnolia Gold Label Big Reveal online party include entrepreneur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, actor and restaurateur Marvin Agustin and Miss World 2013 Megan Young with host, Bianca Valerio

Who doesn't scream for ice cream? I guess we all do. Ice cream brings so many childhood memories. If you're a child of the 80's like me, the sound of the bell from Mamang Sorbetero may stir enough excitement for you. And during the Christmas season, my family and I would troop towards the old Magnolia Ice Cream factory along Aurora Boulevard in New Manila to get our ice cream fix and be able to play at their play area for free. I used to look forward to my birthday because of my favorite Magnolia Ice Cream. I remember how I love their Magnolia Chocolate Pinipig. This is why I am glad to know their Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream introduces new flavors to choose from. Magnolia had always been creating and experimenting on new flavors and playing with combinations with a variety of ingredients other than the usual and classic chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavors. 

I was fortunate to witness its online launch called The Magnolia Gold Big Reveal via FB Live. It had model Bianca Valerio as host with special guests restaurateur and actor Marvin Agustin, 2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist Hidelyn Diaz, entrepreneur and restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, 2013 Miss World Megan Young, and multimedia actor and endorser Alden Richards.

Guest celebrities gamely shared their favorite Magnolia Gold Label ice cream flavors

This velvety smooth and naturally rich ice cream is now within your reach. Celebrating its arrival, the country's exceptional talents came together to celebrate  The Golden Moment: The Magnolia Gold Label Reveal Party last October 26. The reveal introduced the NEW Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream, now made with fresh carabao's milk which makes it creamy and is Certified pure with no artificial flavors. 

Since 1925, Magnolia has always been a well-loved and world-class brand that holds a  huge part of our culture. Reinventing its way to reach their gold standard, they're taking ice cream to the next level. Get ready to taste not just the classic flavors, but the ones that'll spark your curiosity and satisfaction. Take Wintermelon Milk Tea and Table Yema for example!

Getting to finally enjoy these blissfully decadent and creamier treats is truly a golden moment for us to celebrate. They also came up with these 2 unique new flavors that are delightful as the sound of their names suggests—Choco Peanut Butter made with the beloved and authentic Skippy Peanut Butter and the S’mores made with premium vanilla ice cream blended with graham bits and toasted marshmallows swirled with dark chocolate fudge that will bring you to an indulgent campfire experience! 

For Marvin, it was quality, consistency, &  pure hard work, saying, "It has always been my dream to run a restaurant and food  business kahit nung nag-aartista palang ako. I knew kailangan kong paghirapan yung  pangarap ko para maging reality". Happy, coming from a family of restaurateurs,  mentioned that it's indeed longevity. "To be the gold standard, you need to reinvent without sacrificing quality and service", she says. They both agreed that their restaurants are just like the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream, a product of hard work and tradition.  It's based on a rich history, giving us deliciously creamy ice cream that's proudly Pinoy with world-class flavors that suit every taste. Among the flavors, Marvin’s favorites are Double Dutch and Rocky Road, which is the staple flavors in their family celebrations. But recently, he has been fond of the indulgent Quadruple Chocolate and the new Choco Peanut Butter made with authentic Skippy peanut butter!

For Megan, she enjoys this luscious comfort food with her hubby in their favorite flavors: classic and rich Vanilla which she described as the vanilla of vanillas, mellow yet premium Ube, and Pinoy with a creamy twist, Taro White Cheese. "The flavors are unique and perfect for celebrating different milestones", she shares. With its elevated taste without artificial flavors, she reveals that the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is worthy of her life’s golden moments and that it truly lives up to her standards. 

2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz's favorite is the Mango Dark Chocolate

For Hidilyn her favorite flavors are the luscious Mango Dark  Chocolate (which she also revealed that she sometimes loves to enjoy all to herself!) and the very Pinoy flavor Kesong Puti. It's her reward after a long day of training, especially when she just wants to chill. "Once a week, may cheat day ako so dun ako kumakain ng  ice cream kasi mahilig kasi ako sa ice cream talaga. So pag medyo pagod sa training,  dun ko nilalabas—kumakain ako ng ice cream” she adds. This world-class Filipina deserves only the best and truly the one that levels with her accolades just like the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. As she was parting the interview, she also invited the  viewers to try it “Deserve natin lahat mag-ice cream. Masarap talaga itong bagong  Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. Walang halong biro. Try niyo na!". 

During the said event, the guests were able to share the flavors that they enjoyed the most among Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream options. Hidilyn Diaz loves the Mango Dark Chocolate, Alden Richards is partial to Smores, Marvin Agustin is a huge fan of Peanut Butter hence, he is biased with Choco Peanut Butter flavor. Megan Young who considers herself a purist loves the Avocado Macchiato while host Bianca Valerio likes the Wintermelon Milk tea flavor. 

Multimedia actor Alden Richards with host Bianca Valerio

Alden Richards also joined the said event. He'a self-confessed Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream fan, that’s why  when he discovered that it’s now made creamier, he got excited to try all the flavors! Now  that he’s also reinventing himself from being a host, singer, actor, gaming content creator,  and now a restaurateur, he relates this to the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream being  very courageous in introducing new flavors that’s unique yet caters to the standard of  Filipino taste. A few from his must-try list is his ever favorite, the fusion that is Avocado 

Check out the other exciting new flavors from Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream: 

S'Mores-Premium Vanilla ice cream blended with graham cracker bits and toasted marshmallows swirled with dark chocolate fudge

Avocado Macchiato-Avocado ice cream blended with ground tablea bits swirled with coffee ripple

Taro White Cheese -Dual base of taro and white cheese ice cream blended with creamy white cheese bits

Tablea Yema -Dark chocolate ice cream swirled with yema fudge and ripple

Mango Dark Chocolate-Mango ice cream blended with dark chocolate stracciatella swirled with dark chocolate fudge

Ube Keso-Baguio's famous Good Shepherd ube ice cream with cheese bits and cheese ripple

Turon Dulce De Leche-Langka ice cream blended with banana chips, waffle bits and swirled with dulce de leche fudge

Cookies and Cream-Premium Vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookie bits

Double Dutch-Premium Vanilla ice cream with chocolate stracciatella, marshmallows, cashews, and chocolate ripple

Rocky Road -Premium Chocolate ice cream mixed with roasted peanuts and marshmallows

Wintermelon Milk Tea-Wintermelon milk tea ice cream blended with brown sugar jellies swirled with caramelized brown sugar fudge 

Quadruple Chocolate-Dark chocolate ice cream mixed with cocoa nibs, blended with white chocolate ice cream, swirled with pink chocolate fudge

Latte Choco Brownie-Creamy coffee ice cream made with the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans and blended with brownies and chocolate chips

Choco Peanut Butter-Premium Chocolate ice cream blended with Skippy peanut butter with chocolate chips and peanuts

Of course, there are the classic flavors we've always loved:

Vanilla-Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate-Premium Chocolate Ice Cream

Ube -Premium Ube Ice Cream 

Mango-Premium Mango Ice Cream 

Avocado-Premium Avocado Ice cream

Kesong Puti-Premium Kesong Puti Ice cream

Smores is one of Magnolia Gold Label ice cream new flavors

Magnolia Gold Label introduces its ice cream in Choco Peanut Butter Flavor made from Skippys.

Just like them, your golden moments, too, deserve to be enjoyed with delightfully  rich and heavenly ice cream. Now we can all get to try the premium new Magnolia Gold  Label Ice Cream since they have a Christmas promo just in time to make our holiday  celebrations GOLDEN! Get a 1.3L tub of the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream for only  P295 starting this November 1 until December 31, 2021! 

Experience this next-level creaminess in the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream, a  world-class taste made for golden moments. Every tub is a golden treat! Go ahead and  indulge — after all, nothing beats the gold label. 

Shop Magnolia Gold Ice Cream at supermarkets and grocery stores, or online via San Miguel Frozen & Chilled on Shopee and Lazada, The SMC Hub and other online partners. Follow Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines on Facebook for updates.

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