Friday, April 23, 2021

5 Tips To Convert Your Home Into a Minimalist Sanctuary


A minimalist living room

In this day and age,  where clutter seems everywhere, many seek the clean and refreshing ambiance of minimalism. We see them everywhere, from social media feeds to their home's interiors, people are now into the Zen-style or adopting the Komari method of living. Following the "less is more" concept to achieve a more organized and decluttered concept in order to get the relaxing benefits of minimalism. This is especially true since most people are staying safe at home while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You might want to take this opportunity to gradually convert your home into a minimalist sanctuary. 

Check out these five tips to achieve your own minimalist sanctuary: 

Nothing like having a comfortable & good sleep in a minimalist room

To Toss Or Not To Toss?

Having a few items is the key in minimalism, so it is crucial to plan how to clean up your home and choose which items to keep and give away. Generally, objects that you haven’t used in at least three months, such as extra clothing items or novelty trinkets, should be given away.  You may categorize all your stuff in a pile and streamline them until you’ve decided which items to keep or donate. Doing so lets you clean your home easier and reduce the items that may cause clutter.

Start With A Clean Slate

Since minimalism revolves around the concept “less is more,” starting with an almost blank slate may help you decide on the new minimalist layout of your home. By clearing out your home (as stated in the first tip), you should have opened up more space and reduced clutter in your house. Clearing the space is integral to the Zen concept of minimalism. 

If you are planning to remodel your new home, like a recently bought Pag-IBIG foreclosed property, you can use it as a “blank canvas” for your imagination. You can change the wall paint of the foreclosed property, add more hidden storage, and select furniture and decoration pieces to complete your minimalistic abode.

A minimalist sanctuary gives off lots of positive vibes

Optimize Hidden Storage

You might be wondering: where do minimalists keep their other “unseen” items? It might seem far-fetched to maintain a minimalist home while still keeping a lot of stuff. With most homes, whether it is a house or condo unit, having built-in wardrobes and cabinets can help you organize your things while keeping things out of sight.

For example, the cabinetry in your kitchen could give you ample space to store ceramic ware, ingredients, and bulky cookware. In your bedroom, the wardrobe cabinet may have enough drawers to store clothes, shoes, and other trinkets. You may also add hidden storage compartments if your home has wide walls. You can use these to store oversized items, such as cleaning tools, seasonal clothing items, home decorations, and pet food. 

Suppose you want to add more storage through discreet means. In that case, get furniture pieces with secret storage spaces. For example, a bed with drawers underneath is an excellent storage place for clothes. A couch with built-in storage is perfect for storing reading materials, pet toys, and guest indoor slippers. These furniture pieces can also recreate the Zen-like ambiance of many modern Japanese homes.

Stick to Simple Designs

For your walls, use neutral shades such as beiges, creams, and grays. These hues are perfect for your minimalist home as they don’t overpower your space and can provide a soothing atmosphere. For decoration pieces, choose simple yet elegant items. Avoid objects that have a lot of visual weight to keep your rooms clean and balanced.

Take Small Steps At A Time

Because minimalism takes a lot of patience and effort to maintain, it is vital to take small steps in converting your home into a minimalistic sanctuary. Even before you start the previous tips, you may begin by reducing waste at home and narrowing your collection. Appreciating what is essential is one step closer to your minimalist lifestyle.

To sum up, converting your home into a minimalist sanctuary might be challenging to do and maintain. But starting with these five tips may help you eventually reach a simplistic yet stylish abode.


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