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Feast on Your Favorite Chef Laudico Guevarra' s Dish Have It Delivered Right at Your Doorstep with Guevarra's Handaan Kahit Saan

Chefs Jac and Rolando Laudico at Chef Laudico Guevarra's

The Holiday Season is probably one of the most stressful days for everyone else. Aside from the usual merrymaking, this so-called season of joy also brings everyone lots of pressure--from buying our loved ones presents to decorating our homes all the way to preparing what foods to serve for our guests, it could really be daunting. 

Yes, it's potluck time of the year again as we receive party invites, reunions or a simple get-together with friends here and there at these times of the year. Rather than we stress ourselves with what food to bring or serve our guests, (where sometimes there are even surprise visits or friends who would drop by our house on a really short notice!), with such  little time to run to a nearby grocery or market, it's always impossible to cook or whip up a dish, most of us would often resort to food delivery just so we'd have something nice to serve our guests. It's also really helpful when you don't feel like cooking but would still want to enjoy a sumptuous meal for your family. 

Last Sunday, we just had a fantastic lunch of our old-time favorite, Beef Kare-kare and Sansrival cake from Chef Laudico Guevarra's Handaan Kahit Saan. It's a food delivery and pick-up service of Chef Laudico Guevarra's where one can order party trays and feast on your Guevarra's favorites anywhere you like. Most of the dishes are available in two sizes, servings are good from 12-15 and 6-8 persons. 

Since they had opened their doors to the public in 2013, Chef Laudico Guevarra's has been the go-to place for buffet enthusiasts and it had also been the top choice as venue for important events. The sprawling lawn and the 1920's heritage house had been witnessed to numerous birthdays, baptismal, weddings, product launches and corporate parties. Their 80-item buffet of both classic and modern Filipino dishes are well-thought of by celebrity chefs Rolando "Lau" and Jac Laudico. 

The good news is, it's now possible for you to enjoy their dishes without having to travel to San Juan City. Guevarra's Handaan Kahit Saan is really ideal at this time of the year.  Just give Guevarra's a call and your delicious meals will either be delivered to you piping hot and freshly cooked from their kitchen or you can pick them up at the restaurant. 

Unlike in other food deliveries, you won't have to worry if the food will taste good. After all, it's from Chef Laudico Guevarra's and it's one of their signature meals--that alone gives you a hundred percent guarantee and gives you an assurance that it isn't a hit-or-miss kind of thing. Based on my own experience, it's hassle and worry-free. Now, all you have to think about is how you'd mingle and entertain your guests. 

The choices are their Lechon (that's charcoal-spit roasted to perfection), Pugon-Roasted Pork Bellychon and Pugon-Roasted US Angus Beef Shortplate. Also on the list are their mouthwatering Beef Kare-Kare, Kaldereta, and Grilled Beef Tapa--all made with US Angus beef. Chicken options are Tamarind and Lemongrass-Spiced Roast Chicken Sinampalukan which is best served with Kamote Salad, and Fried Chicken Adobo. Noodles and pasta options are Pansit Bihon Guisado, Pansit Canton Guisado, Palabok, and Party Spaghetti. 

The dishes are reasonably-priced and won't burn a hole on your pockets. "These are the items that are most requested, we get complaints when they are not available," said chef Jac. 

The best part? At Guevarra's they make everything prepared from scratch. They do everything the traditional way, without any shortcuts. When we ordered Kare-kare, we could really taste it in every spoonful of its rich peanut-based sauce. Guevarra's take on the classic Kare-Kare still reigns supreme as the epitome of Filipino comfort food.  With its creamy, mustard-colored sauce luxuriously coating the generous chunks of beef meat, eggplant, and petchay, it's a deliciously savory and nutty way to demolish mountains of freshly-steamed rice. 

Maybe for those unfamiliar, the combination of fork-tender beef and peanuts doesn't sound too appetizing. But when you marry together those two ingredients, along with the flavors from the eggplant, petchay and string beans, the unfamiliar becomes enlightened to the deliciousness of Kare-Kare. 

As far as I remember, a piping hot dish of Kare-Kare has always been a staple at parties and celebrations all over the country. Nowadays, just about every household, carinderia, or restaurant has their own version of the decadent, comforting dish. With Guevarra's Kare-Kare, the bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) alone is a viand on its own. 

Along with the Kare-Kare, we also ordered Guevarra's Sans Rival Cake. It's one of Chef Jac's specialties along with her Strawberry Shortcake, Brazo de Calamansi, Mocha Cake, and Brigaderos. They make great presents, along with boxes of Butterscotch, Crinkles, Brigaderos Balls (Yema and Dark Chocolate Truffles), Kalabasa Pastillas Balls (milk candies lightened with squash), Maja Blanca, and Cassava Cake Flan. 

Gateau le Sans Rival came from the French word which means "without rival." It's a Filipino meringue-based layer cake served on special occasions or as a dessert. The sansrival is much like a French dacquiose (nut meringue). 

What do I love most about Guevarra's Sansrival cake? The texture of meringue wafers produce thick and crunchy layers unlike the others I've tried which are compact or hick but airy. Guevarra's Sansrival Cake had perfectly baked meringue forms as base. It's rich and smooth buttercream gives it that unrivaled character compared with sponged-based cakes. Chopped nuts lend flavor and texture to the whole cake, sprinkled on top and mixed into the meringue itself. 

Guevarra's Handaan Kahit Saan is a real life saver. All items are available all-year round. So on days when you're simply too tired to do any kitchen chores and would rather plop on a chair and chill at home, remember that your favorite dishes at Guevarra's are just a phone call away.

Guevarra's Handaan Kahit Saan items can be picked up from Chef Laudico Guevarra's at 387 P. Guevarra corner Argonne Streets, Addition Hills, San Juan City. It cluld also be sent through various delivery services available such as Grab and Lalamove. 

For orders and inquiries, you may call (02) 8705-1811,(02) 8705-1874,(0917) 3112222. For more information, follow @guevarras_ on Instagram and on Facebook at @guevarrasrestaurant. 

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