Thursday, October 10, 2019

Check Yourself: Breast Self-Exam is the best way to beat Breast Cancer

October is Pink Month, breast cancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Hence, we’re sharing with you the best way on how to beat the said disease which had affected a lot of women worldwide and is said to be one of the top causes of death among women.

Learn how to do the Breast Self-Exam and take action for your own breast health. Early detection and prevention is still a whole lot better than cure.

In the Shower:

Put your right hand behind your head
Press your fingers firmly on your right breast and feel for any lump or thickening.
Repeat the procedure in your other breast.

Self Breast examination

While Lying Down:

Place pillow under the right shoulder. Put your right hand firmly on your right breast.
In circular motion feel for any unusual lump or mass. Check also the area between your breast and armpit.
Repeat the procedure in your other breast. 

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