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Prime Mom Club's Holiday Workshop with Marian Rivera

Mommies really had a blast last Saturday, November 17, 2018 when Mega Prime's exclusive Prime Mom Club held a mompreneur workshop at the Prime Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sgt. Esguerra Street, Quezon City. Lucky moms who were able to register for the said event went home not only with loads of information on how they could earn for the holidays but they also had lots of fun with all the learning they had on how to make this Christmas more memorable with pinasarap moments. 

Mr. Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices
Dubbed as Prime Moms Pinasarap Moments, the said event invited guest speakers to talk about how they started their business as well as encouraged fellow moms to start on their own. Guest speakers were interior designer turned entrepreneur Via Pacheco, one of the owners of Maartsy, gave a demonstration on how to create cute Holiday Keychains which participants and attendees can use to make holiday profits. 

Maartsy craft instructor Via Pacheco

I admit, I'm not really into anything artsy and crafty. But I tried my hand on creating that holiday trinket that particular Saturday. And I'm glad I did! At first, it was a bit difficult for me to do so because I really had short fingernails and also because my eyes were a bit blurry since I forgot my eye glasses at home. But I was surprised to discover how therapeutic doing all these trinket charms were. What made it even better was that Ms. Pacheco also taught moms how to properly price the charms and where to source the materials! 

Jump rings

Wire cutter

Long nose

Trying my hand on crafty things
I was so happy and proud of my work. It was after all my first time to try something crafty such as making a holiday charm. I used to think I never had the patience for doing anything like these. But I can do it naman pala. It just needs a little patience because the stuff are so small. The hardest part was actually opening and closing the jump rings. These jump rings are what connects one charm to another. For crafty people, jump rings are life. You can't do anything if you don't have jump rings. 

So proud of my finish product: Holiday Keychain I made on my own!
As if those crafty skills aren't enough, we were also taught how to make Cranberry Polvoron and Holiday Pastillas Balls by Chef Mira Angeles. During the workshop, Chef Mira demonstrated how she does those best-selling polvoron as well as the pastillas balls (where mom attendees had a hands-on and practical experience on making during the event). These delicious desserts, when packaged nicely can be sold during Christmas or they could also be great ideas for giveaways. 

Chef Mira Angeles

Chef Mira Angeles with Mega Prime brand ambassador Marian Rivera-Dantes
Of course, this Mega Prime Mom event won't be complete without having Mega Prime brand ambassador Marian Rivera-Dantes in the house! Marian is also an entrepreneur (she owns a flower arrangement shop), a career woman and a mom as well to her cute daughter Zia. She also had some demonstration on sharing some of her favorite recipes using Mega Prime's high quality ingredients. She had shared her Beef Salpicao ala Marian recipe where she used Mega Prime's mushrooms and Oyster sauce giving the dish a more savory taste. 
Marian Rivera also shared her secret recipes

Here, I am sharing an amateur video of Marian's Tropical Fruit Cocktail Float:

Marian Rivera made her Tropical Fruit Cocktail Float on a Mason Jar
Mega Prime introduces new products such as the Tropical Fruit Cocktail, Sotanghon, Nata de Coco (in different flavors like Lychee and Coffee flavors) as well as different sauces Sweet Chili, Oyster and Spicy Oyster sauce. The Tropical fruit cocktail is very timely for the holiday season where most Filipino families would create fruit salad for noche buena. According to Mr. Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices, Mega Prime's Tropical Fruit cocktail is the first of its kind in the market that's locally produced. 

Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Holiday Pastillas balls ingredients

Mix milk powder and condensed milk together

Purple Plum Fairy with fellow participants enjoy making pastillas balls together

Hey look what we have here, a pastillas ball which we will coat with colored sugar

A pastillas ball coated with red colored sugar for that holiday look

Our finish product: Holiday pastillas balls
The Prime Mom CLub workshop captures Mega Prime's commitment to help moms improve their skills as homemakers within and beyond the kitchen by offering information-packed interactive events. As Prime Mom club members, it's one of their many privileges--being invited to exclusive events, monthly newsletter, special Prime Mom Club ID and a chance to receive gift items and products from Mega Prime. 

"Coming from the pilot workshop, where we taught moms how to easily prepare healthy meals for kids and their family, Mega Prime is now encouraging Moms to take it to the next level and open their eyes to creative and innovative businesses for the holiday season,"says Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices. 

Raymund Alegre, Mega Prime President Marvin Lim, and Marian Rivera

"Mega Global has always believed in the power of moms in the family. It's an honor to be able to hearten their capabilities through the Prime Mom Club community workshops," added Alegre. 

A trusted brand by most moms, Mega Prime has a wide-range of products that homemakers have long been proven to be healthy and delicious. They have the easy-opened cans of Whole Mushrooms, Pieces and Stems Mushrooms, Whole Kernel Corn, Cream Style Corn, Green Peas, Garbanzos, canned fruits as well as canned preserves. And recently, they have also launched sauces and condiments too. 

Lucky moms went home with raffle prizes from sponsors as well as holiday gift basket from Mega Prime. 

The Prime Mom's Club Pinasarap Moments event was made possible with help from sponsors Alaska, Clara Ole, Dona Maria, King Sue, Kamuning Bakery, and Cook Magazine. 

Prime Mom Club will be going full blast by first quarter of next year (2019), if you haven't joined yet, sign up at to get the special perks as well as opportunities to attend events such as these. Mega Prime promises more surprises in store for its Prime Mom Club members. So what are you waiting for? Join and sign up now! 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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