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Nail It Vertis North: Best Nail Salon in the Metro

Nail It Vertis North ribbon cutting

While you can certainly do your own nails at home, visiting a nail salon is still something most people love to do. Sipping tea and reading on the tablet, all while having your nails trimmed, filed, and polished? It’s a luxury. It’s no wonder why there are so many manicure salons in the metro. But with this many choices, which will make the best fit for you? Purple Plum Fairy recently visited Nail It Vertis North for you so you don’t have to do much legwork.

Some of the VIP guests during the Nail It Vertis North blessing with the owner Ms. Jean Uvero

Nail It Vertis North is a winner in its own right. Not only is the nail salon socially-conscious, it is fully committed to giving back to the local community. For the most part, all products used for nail services here are non-toxic, eco-friendly, fair-trade and/or cruelty-free. Also, it is worth a mention that their manicurists at this lifestyle concept salon are local underprivileged women whom they’ve offered vocational training and employment opportunities for!
Nail It Vertis North's Ms. Jean Uvero and Ms. Lot

A priest blesses Nail It Vertis North during its opening

Nestled amongst a slew of establishments on the third level of the new Ayala Mall called Vertis North [strategically located just across another Ayala Mall, Trinoma in Quezon City], Nail It Vertis North have in-house manicurists who are known to create nail art according to your whim and fancy so bring along photos of your inspiration if you want them to recreate any designs that you are dying to put on your nails.

Nail It Vertis North isn't too girly when it comes to their interiors. Your significant other can finally join you in your grooming session without feeling a wee bit awkward, hurray! In fact, it is time that you pamper him with quality massages to help him ease up. (They also have the cosiest-looking space, in our opinion!)

The friendly staff at Nail It Vertis North welcomes each guests

The average price for a nail art gel here is on the pricier side but for the level of professionalism and superb nail jobs, we think it is worth every penny. General sentiments seem positive. Patrons feel that they offer amazing service and creative nail art, coupled with an ultra friendly and experienced manicurist. What more can we ask for? 
Some of the polish available at Nail It Vertis North

Besides the usual manicure options that you get from mainstream nail parlours, Ladyfinger takes your nail beautifying experience up several notches by introducing a range of deluxe spa manicure and pedicure options that you may choose from depending on your needs. You also have to commend them for the Nail It Vertis North "5 Point Sanitary Check" which includes: 1. sterilization of the tools to assure 100 % hygienic for customer's safety. 2. new towels used per customer. 3. Sanitizer. need I explain more? 4. Face mask for the staff's use 5. Jewelry pouch for every customer's convenience. 

Nail It Vertis North's 5 Point Sanitary Check
My Veloci watch had to be put inside this jewelry puch for safekeeping as I enjoy my treatment.

Sanitized tools guaranteed at Nail It Vertis North

An exclusive indulgence that could possibly be right up your alley if you have some more minutes to spare and try their packages. Using organic, their therapeutic nail treatments strives to calm you down spiritually while pampering and beautifying your hands and nails at the same time. It is noteworthy that all the nail elixirs and lacquers used are vegan-friendly and free of nefarious components such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (a.k.a. DBP).
A customer tinkers with her gadget while the staff works on her hands.

The manicurist immediately got to work. She filed, buffed, my nails while I had a relaxing chat with a fellow customer. Not only was the manicurist good – she was a perfectionist that took pride in her work. If she felt she could have made an element of the nail art better, she checked with me if it was OK to make improvements, and then promptly made them. It was not like other salons I know that are often cutting corners, eager to move on to the next customer.

Purple Plum Fairy here is shown all-smiling as my manicurist trims my fingernails. 
My pedicurist does wonders for my feet.
I had my hand and fingernails dried using this machine

I love Nail It Vertis North for its service and interiors + quality!

I chose Orly nail polish in Coffee Break

Purple Plum Fairy shows her digits in Coffee color

I totally had a grand time during my first visit to Nail It Ventris North. This is by far one of the best places where you can truly enjoy the best things about being a woman. When I asked my manicurist that day what is it about her work that makes it fulfilling, she said: “I always feel that when nails are nicely done, it makes women happy. It makes their day. In a way, I was able to help them feel good about themselves.”

Purple Plum Fairy loves #NailItVertisNorth

At the end of the manicure, my nails were so pretty I could not stop looking at them. And, like my manicurist said earlier – yes, it did made me happy.

The experience itself was like that of a high-end salon. There was no pushy person trying to sell me a nail package, there was no background music I couldn’t understand or appreciate, the manicurists were sweet and attentive.

Congratulations to Nail It Vertis North on their blessing and opening. Feel free to visit them and drop by anytime for one fab pampering session for your nails and digits!

I highly recommend Nail It Vertis North to everyone for their superb service and fab nails! Visit them at the 3rd floor of the newly opened Vertis North [near Trinoma mall] in Quezon City. 

For more info, call 0915-6838086. They are open from Mondays to Sundays from 10Am-9PM. Like them and follow them on Facebook

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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