Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Things to remember when planning your dream vacation in the Philippines

What is your idea of a dream island vacation? Far from the madding crowd in some sequestered place with nature for company?  Conquering peaks, riding the sea or plumbing its depths? Or is it simply lazily munching on local delicacies while sitting at a hammock? Whatever your island vacation dream is, the Philippines can make it all come true. 
With 7,107 islands, it won’t be easy to choose which island to visit on your first trip to the Philippines. One thing I can guarantee you, you’ll find that there are no wrong answers because each island had something different to offer and more. Explore the country’s three main islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and I bet that your first trip to any island in the Philippines won’t be your last. 
Hike our mountains and reach the top!

I always rely on online travel agencies like Traveloka because it allows you to check, choose and compare both flight and hotel rates.  The first step on planning your vacation is finding the perfect place to stay. Deciding on your getaway home is not always the easiest choice but it should be within your travel budget. Based on experience, the rates are very affordable too. You don’t even have to worry about getting scammed online, because these are trusted and legit sites. It’s pretty much an advantage if you book using these legit online travel agencies because they’ve got apps which you can download for free and get updates on any booking or flight changes. It’s very convenient, easy to use and saves you time and effort. 

Do a research on the popular tourist attractions and recommended travel destinations. By doing such, you can make a budget based on your chosen itineraries and be able to set aside money for shopping later.  
Number one rule is to travel light.

Pack Accordingly. Make sure you pack for every activity that you intend to have: swimsuit for the beach or pool, some outdoor shirts and comfy clothes for other sports activities, a sweater or jacket for cool nights. Bring in some sunnies to protect your eyes from the sun. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen with the right SPF too. Bring some extra clothing if you have to, you don’t want to come up short. But make sure to pack light.
Photos are important when traveling to treasure those memories.

Bring extra IDs and credit cards. If you’re a foreign visitor, keep your passport with you at all times just to be sure. Have other proof of identifications ready plus a credit card in hand won’t hurt too. 
Bring a reliable camera. Depending on your chosen activities, you may need to bring in your waterproof camera, GO Pro camera (if you’re into extreme sports adventure) or social media ready HD camera (if you want your photos to be instantly uploaded on Facebook or Instagram), simply anything that will capture the highlights of your travel. Remember that by travelling, we make the best and lasting memories. 
Shopping Tips—Shopping is always a delightful experience. But it is also somewhat tricky. You have to be patient in choosing what exactly you want to buy and where you’ll buy them. Do not buy at the first sight of an item. Keep walking and when at bazaars or street markets, try your best to haggle. Whatever you choose to purchase, make sure to polish your bargaining skills and do it best while sporting a big smile. 
Keep those tips in mind and we wish you’ll have a blast on your vacation. Be ready to hibernate and explore the wonders of the Philippines! 

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