Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Renuzit Air Freshener Now Available in the Philippines

Renuzit is said to be America’s top-selling gel air freshener and the scents. Filipinos need not go to the US to experience them since they’re now made available in the country. To celebrate its coming to the Philippine shore, a launch was held at the posh French-inspired penthouse restaurant called Le Jardin, located at the W building in Bonifacio Global City. 

Columnist/fashion designer/socialite-philanthropist Tessa Prieto Valdes hosted the Renuzit launch who wore a huge flower and butterfly headpiece to match the garden theme of the said air freshener launch.

The lovely table centerpieces also had Renuzit jars. This gel freshener is distinctive for its cone-shaped packaging where one can twist appropriately to control the release of the scent. It is environment-friendly as the container itself is biodegradable and recyclable and the content are made from 97 percent natural ingredients.

 Renuzit costs only Php109.75 per cone. It’s available in eight awesome scents. There will surely be something that will catch your fancy. I am a big fan of air fresheners and room fragrances because it can change moods and uplift one’s room in a nanosecond.
 Renuzit recommends the following uses for their scent collection:
Citrus Sunburst and Super Odor Killer to eliminate strange smells
Fresh Lavender, After the Rain and Simply Vanilla for a candid perk-me-up
The Raspberry scent mimics the scent of the fruit freshly picked up from a tree, so place this where you want to inject a garden or orchard vibe

Relaxing Spa and Sapphire Waters were formulated to invite serenity so use this when you want to relax in bed or take an indulgent bath.
Renuzit is distributed in the Philippines by Unisell Corp.

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