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The Brow Studio: Threading and Waxing Spa Review

Growing up, I was told not to do anything with my brows. Someone said that if I shave it thin, I'd look old and when it grows back, it'll look bushy like a caterpillar. So the obedient lass that I am, that's exactly what I did. Back in college, my classmate Amy Gines (who grew up in the US) plucked a few strands off my "virgin" brows. I remember how painful it was but after she was done, I did liked what I saw--it made me look pretty. Too bad, I wasn't able to maintain the shape of my brows which Amy did. Then, when my good friend, Ronna Apostol came back for a brief vacation from the US, she also tried her magic hands on my brows using a tweezer. My brows looked really good after that. But then again, I didn't know how to use a tweezer nor shave my brows properly once it has all grown back. So when I was invited by another friend to try a threading and waxing spa called The Brow Studio, I immediately said yes because this is exactly what I need! I need to tame my brows again! 

The Brow Studio is a threading and waxing spa salon that guarantees a high level of expertise in the shaping and grooming of one's eyebrows. When you come to them, they eyebrow experts will assess and advise the best eyebrow shape based on your facial features, they'll even give out an Brow Rx prescription later with a personalized brow blueprint as well as tips and reminders on how you can take good care and maintain your brows. And they've been in the business for the last four years and counting, and since they've opened in 2010, their clientele and loyal patrons has indeed grown in number. 

The Brow Studio is the first Filipino-owned specialty threading and waxing spa for eyebrows in the country. It has been giving the utmost care and attention to one's eyebrows without burning a hole in your pocket because it's made affordable so that Filipinos can easily maintain the condition of their eyebrows. 

I immediately fell in love with the interiors of The Brow Studio--it has my fave purple/lavender color mixed with some pastel sunny yellow. There's an elegant chandelier as centerpiece which attracts attention and adds some chic vibe to the place. Best of all, they have these super comfy lounge chairs for each customers while their brows are being made. All these simple details are enough to let you know that they really give their customers some TLC. 

The cozy and comfy chairs at The Brow Studio

"Our brow designers go through rigorous training with a combination of classroom and hands-on sessions. They are trained to master the rudiments of handling the thread and eyebrow arch creation. They are taught how to conduct facial shape assessment. The best training is constant practice so each brow designer is made to thread over 100 pairs of eyebrows prior to starting the job," shares Ms. Kristine Tobillo, owner of The Brow Studio.

The Brow Studio also has waxing services. They use two different warm wax, namely Caramel Warm Wax and Gigi Wax (US brand). Caramel wax is an all-natural wax made from sugar, honey and calamansi (Philippine Lemon). Gigi on the other hand, is a US brand that prides itself with removing body hair quicker. Both produce the same hair-free results and remove dead skin as it naturally exfoliates the skin, leaving it whiter and more radiant. 

For those who aren't happy with their current brows because maybe for some reason they had overdo plucking and tweezing, fret no more! The Brow Studio also have the innovative Brow Vitamins sold for only Php425 per 10ml easy-to-use roll-on bottle. It's great to use to achieve healthier, fuller and thicker brows. Proven to be safe and effective. My Aunt had been using this product for months and this had been a fan since then.

The Brow Rx Prescription on the left with some of the staff at work.

Now, it's time to try their services! I haven't actually tried the threading method until I came to The Brow Studio that afternoon. Threading is a hair removal method where unwanted hair is removed from the roots with the use of cotton threads quickly and effectively. This is designed based on the ancient art of hair removal used by Asians for centuries. At first, I was kinda scared so I told Ms. Emy (The Brow Studio eyebrow expert) to be extra careful as it's my first time to try threading. She had assured me that because she's been doing their job for several years and therefore has mastered the job, all The Brow Studio staff are able to bring down the pain to a very tolerable level. 

Your author looking scared during threading.

After assessing my eyebrows, using an imported 100% anti-bacterial cotton thread, Ms. Emy (The Brow Studio staff), began to do a combination of threading, tweezing and cutting to define and clean my eyebrows. At the Brow Studio, they also use imported and specially formulated eyebrow tints to fully define eyebrows. 

True enough, the pain was indeed tolerable.Threading is much tolerable than plucking or tweezing. She plucked and threaded my brows with care and attention that I was surprised when Ms. Emy said I'm good to go. Yes, grooming a pair of eyebrows takes usually only 15-30 minutes. My beloved nephew took a photo of my brows before and after threading. After uploading them on my Instagram account, likes and comments came, quoting a friend who made a comment, "I must say, I love your brows! I love how they didn't trim a lot of it--like what usually happens when you let "unexperienced" work on your brows." Of course, at The Brow Studio, you can be assured that only professionals will touch your brows.

   Here's my instagram account showing the comment.

    Left: Friendly staff at The Brow Studio and the owner and the author

Interested to try the services at The Brow Studio? They have ten branches nationwide, visit the branch nearest you:

The Brow Studio-Eastwood City
2nd flr. Eastwood Citywalk 2, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

The Brow Studio-SM Megamall
5th flr. Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

The Brow Studio-SM City Manila (franchise)
5th flr. SM City Manila

The Brow Studio SM City Lanang Premiere
Lower Ground flr, Sm Lanang Premiere, Davao City

The Brow Studio-SM City Baguio
3rd flr. SM City Baguio, Luneta Hill, Baguio City

The Brow Studio-Shopwise Araneta Cubao
2nd flr. Bridgeway, Shopwise, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City

The Brow Studio-SM  North Edsa The Block
5th flr. SM North Edsa, The Block, EDSA, Quezon City

The Brow Studio-SM City Clark
2nd flr. Wellness Zone, SM City Clark Expansion, Clarkfield, Pampanga

The Brow Studio-SM City BF Paranaque
3rd flr. SM City BF Paranaque, Dr. A Santos cor. President's Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque

The Brow Studio-SM City Fairview
Lower Ground Floor, Annex 2 SM City Fairview

For more information, please follow them on Instagram @thebrowstudioph and you may follow them on Facebook too, The Brow Studio. 

Special thanks to Ms. Kristine Tobillo and Ms. Nana Nadal.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


  1. I want to try! Kaso I have low tolerance for pain baka hindi matapos!

    1. Don't worry Mommy Roxi, it won't hurt and it's not painful naman. If moms like you can bear delivering a child, be it by caesarian or normal, mas lighter naman ito as compared to that. And as they say, "tiis ganda".

  2. I am curious about this service and maybe I'd try their express P188 service in SM Fairview this week :-) You mentioned the pain will be tolerable so that will make it a go! Thanks Vance!

  3. Nice to have your eye brows taken cared of by brow studio. The Eye brow really can provide additional highlight to the eyes.

  4. This really looks like a scary and painful procedure. But for the sake of beauty, no pain, no gain, I guess. Hehe.

  5. Love the before and after! It's like the eyebrows of artistas

  6. Yung pag tint ng brows ba ok din sa maninipis na kilay?

    1. Hi, Anonymous! Yes, eyebrow tints are also good for those who have thin brows. But it's best to use The Brow Studio's brow vitamins para medyo kumapal naman ng konti yung eyebrows at magpantay. Do watch out for my upcoming contests, I'm giving away Brow Vitamins here on my blog. Kung manipis ang kilay mo, bagay ito sayo bago ka magpa-eyebrow tint. Thank you sa pag comment. :)

  7. What about their brow tatoo? Any comment? Thanks.. yssa

  8. Hi Yssa! The Brow Studio has one specialized brow tattoo artist. She gets to visit each branch around the metro so you have to book an appointment with her first by calling the branch nearest you if you're interested to avail of her services. When my Lola came home to the Philippines (she's based in Orange County, California) two years ago, I've had her brow permanent tattoo retouched and fixed at The Brow Studio. She even had her plump lips tattooed too. And they looked really good and they were both safe. Her brows and lips still looked good even up to this day. She doesn't need any retouch and she said it wasn't painful too. Hope those information helps. Thanks for visiting my site. :)


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