Monday, September 9, 2013

Timezone Philippines’ 2nd On-the-Spot Coloring Contest

Then five year old Kyle Madrid when he won 2nd place in Glorietta 5 in 2009.

Time flies really fast. It seemed like only yesterday when my beloved five-year-old nephew/adopted son Kyle won as second placer (Category A: Kids ages 4-6) in the Timezone Philippines’ 1st On-the-Spot Coloring Contest held at the Glorietta 5 Atrium. If I remember right, it was the year when Disney Pixar had my favorite animated film “UP”.  At the time, honestly, although I knew Kyle had earlier shown his artistic inclination through his drawing and sketches, but I never knew he’s also good in coloring. Don’t get me wrong; I had never doubted the boy’s talent. It’s just that I used to see his works using dark colors, not as colorful as the characters on the animated film “UP”. I could still vividly recall that I’m a picture of a proud aunt when he came home with his awesome prizes that day.

Four years later, my beloved nephew/son Kyle finally notched the first place (Category B: Kids 7-10 years old) in the 2nd Timezone Philippines’ On-the-Spot Coloring Contest, held recently at the Trinoma Cinema Lobby.  Imagine my happiness that Kyle nailed it once again! His grandma even cried tears of joy after Kyle’s name was announced as the first place winner. It was indeed the perfect birthday present for our dear Kyle who had just celebrated his 11th birthday after the day of the competition.

Ten year-old Kyle Madrid emerges as first place in Trinoma mall, 2013.

Kyle Madrid accepts his awards and prizes from Cherifer mascot, Timezone personnel and Intermed (makers of Cherifer and Pedzinc with host DJ Chikki.

“I’ve prepared myself for the contest. I even arrived early at the event just to make sure I’d get a comfortable seat. And I’ve also studied the colors of the main characters from Disney’s Planes. But I also had sweaty palms and jelly knees during the contest proper. There have been a lot of kids who colored their entries well. I just gave it my all,” relates Kyle.

Kyle won gift certificates from Timezone Philippines, Vitamins from Cherifer and PedZinc as well as toys and other goodies from Goldilocks, Tender Juicy Hotdog and other sponsors.

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