Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carlo Rossi Red Wine: Perfect For All Occasions

I personally prefer not to drink alcohol or wine. Although sometimes there's a need for me to do so, like if I get invited to events such as meeting a wine sommelier (a wine expert) or to a party, the occasion calls for me to sip a little. Studies have shown that a glass of red wine each day saves one from possible heart attack. Actually, there's nothing really wrong about drinking wine, it's just that one has to do them moderately.  I had recently tried Carlo Rossi's Sweet Red Wine.  And although I had never really been into wine tasting, my friends and I could attest of its sweet yet bold wine flavors. It perfectly goes with a cube ice along with some finger foods or cocktail foods to go with it + good conversations with the company of friends.

 Emperador Distillers brings in Carlo Rossi to the Philippine market. Rossi Sweet Red Wine is the latest innovation of the Carlo Rossi brand. Made from California grapes vineyards--it comes in three flavors:  vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors, thereby creating a unique blend of sweetness.  According to Von Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers, "We wanted to create a unique blend  of flavors in our wines making them a standout with their innovative sweet taste."

A glass of Carlo Rossi's Sweet Red Wine makes a perfect 'catch-up time' with friends and is definitely perfect for all occasions. Just don't forget though to drink moderately and don't drink and drive. But clean good fun is great all the time with Carlo Rossi wines.

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