Monday, March 11, 2013


When we were kids, we were made to wear whatever it is that our parents like. We were still kids back then, naive and still kind of innocent and a little baby-ish as we cling on to our 'rents and try our best to please them. I should know, I've always hated wearing super itchy gartered tube as a kid, but to make my Mommy happy, I had no other choice but to grin and bear wearing them. Argh! Those were the old days. I really am grateful I had grown to become "okay." 

I had to learn how to express my personality by means of trial and error. There were those awkward "baduy" moments of my life when I had to wear the braces that cost my Mom a fortune in those expensive wires and maintenance. I was born in the '80s and I remember in those days, people wore their hair high on a bun with tons of spraynets and maximized gel or mousse usage just to get that perfect 'do or tresses that they wanted. 

I discovered more about myself later on in life. We weren't exactly rich so I had to get by with whatever I have and to be honest, that wasn't really much. Hence, creativity is the key to make things easy. I had to think out of the box most of the time. I discovered my passion for writing. You see, as an artist and writer, being "quirky" is almost synonymous.  I could manage to wear braids as many as the teenage Jolina Magdangal and could not care less. I also wore hats (from baseball caps to fisherman's hat and end up with an elite or A-lister's such as the ones worn by Rose Dewitt Brukater in the 1997 film Titanic (played by Kate Winslet). 

But my personal mantra goes, that for as long as I've my watch on  (I don't need to be fashionable enough) and I'm fully comfortable with whatever it is that I wear, I'm okay. There goes my long love time love affair with shoes. I love rubbershoes and sneakers. My Adidas running shoes and I had been together for more than a decade now. I like how comfy and light it is. If there's one thing that's abused among my body part, it has to be my feet. 

My personality speaks for itself. I wear clothes i am most comfortable with, regardless if it's quite tattered, as long as it's clean and comfy--I'll still wear it. But of course, there are times when you had to look your best for certain events, then that's where you had to dress to impress. But for ordinary days, a shirt and jeans plus a pair of comfy Adidas will do just fine. I am a very simple person, no fringe, no hang-ups. Just pure fair and square, with simple needs and simple joys. 

I am sporty, free spirited lass who doesn't long for much attention. I prefer avant garde. You must wear your clothes and stuff and not let your clothes wear you. And for as long as you speak the truth, converse with manners and strike intellectual conversations, you'll never go wrong. 

I'd rather be myself living my own style sans being too fashionably flashy or  trying to please anybody or make up a mask just so I could fit in. I'm way too past that now at my age. Even way back in high school, I never tried to be someone else just to fit in. It's just not my cup of tea. I'd rather be someone who's different, someone who could stand up from the crowd and say that, "Hey, it's me! If you can't seem to accept that, sorry. But it's not gonna be my lost, but yours. You're losing that opportunity to get to know a good friend in me. 

Like Miley Cyrus in her latest film, So Undercover, I'd like to see myself into learning more about life and becoming open to more changes. One thing's sure, I'm still going to live my style the way I want it! 

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