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FreeSpeech Publications' Planner/Journal for 2013 cover.

2013—Another year has started, it only meant more plans will be fulfilled, more dreams will finally gets its chance to be put into realization, more challenges awaits each individual. We always welcome the coming of a new year with much anticipation or expectations. How do we start another year with a bang? Allow me to give you guys some unsolicited advice, aside from the typical “resolutions” most of us would often try to do (but sadly would oftentimes become a fluke as we go back and resort to the old ways), why don’t we try to do something else for a change? I meant something with a bigger scale in terms of its social significance. Now what do I mean here? Isn’t about time to be the CHANGE and do something for others?

Inside pages of the planner.

 Have you ever felt that helping others was beyond your means? Believe me, I used to think the same way until I found ways to lend a helping hand with whatever kind of resources it is that I may have: be it by means of volunteer work, donation or simply sharing a part of myself to charity. It has given me my sense of purpose, of what life really means to me. I am now encouraging my readers to welcome 2013 with open arms, inviting you all to help us by means of purchasing a unique planner and journal that will actually help change someone’s life.

FreeSpeech Publications recently launched their 2013 Journal. All proceeds from the journals sold will go to the funding of the different projects of LifelineFoundation. Some of their projects include building and funding of schools and orphanages, organizing medical missions, raising awareness for animal welfares, among many others. A purchase of the journal itself will definitely go a long, long way. 

Mood Charts for you to doodle on.

Trivia per day adds fun to writing your thoughts.

 I am privileged to own this unique journal I am raving about, Sure, it may not be the kind of planner that we were used to: it does NOT have special discount coupons in specialty shops and establishments, nor does it have the perks and freebies etc. But this FreeSpeech Journal 2013 has a whole lot more to offer than that—even better in my own opinion—this planner has a heart + bits and pieces of packed information and educational inputs and trivia’s for everyone.

Quarterly checkup of your soul and health records.

Educational information to boost your mind.

Fun and colorful pages to inspire you each day.

 It’s fun to use, it had enough spaces where one can jot down his or her thoughts in full details—you can even doodle on them when you feel like it. It has lots of colorful pages filled with a variety of inspiring artworks from its volunteer artists. This journal has a mood chart, where one could freely draw whatever mood you have for the day. It even has Soul inventor page, expenses and health charts to track down your health. There are also global issues that were tackled and discussed on the pages inside and trivia’s about anything and everything under the sun. It has doodle pages and life changing coupons for you to use on your family, friends and significant other. And most importantly, unlike other popular planner/journals from your favorite coffee shops or fab women planners, FreeSpeech Publication’s 2013 Journal will definitely help change lives—so a purchase alone of the said planner shall bring smile to others that are in dire need.

Helping you to attain your goals with making a bucket list.

I personally enjoyed this particular journal that I had decided to give away the other journals/planner I had been given as a gift. I like this colorful journal with wonderful artworks and smooth pages that are so nice to write on, FreeSpeech Journal 2013 reminds me to do my part in saving the planet, in helping others and in doing my purpose in life—in my own little way and with where I am with whatever it is that I may have—in simply being the CHANGE that this world really needs. 

FreeSpeech 2013 Journal is available at leading bookstores such as FullyBooked branches, National Book Store branches, and Powerbooks branches nationwide.
For more info, please contact FreeSpeech Publications at +632 8362514 or email them at

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Purple Plum Fairy thanks FreeSpeech Publications and my blog correspondent, Ms. Norma Galera. 

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