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Nickelodeon favorite Diego, Dora The Explorer and Kai-Lan 

Nicksters and loyal fans of Nickeleodeon all trouped to the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall last December 16 to spread the holiday cheer for the kids of Gawad Kalinga at the recent SHARElebration event. Nickelodeon friends came in and brought in toys, clothes, books and money for donations. 

“Through SHARElebration, kids were able to take part in more than just merrymaking as the event gave them an opportunity to learn the value of sharing, and encouraged them to be good examples that other kids can follow,” says Nickelodeon Philippines Marketing and Communications Manager, Carla de Castro.

There were loads of game booths, play area, freebies and on-stage games during the event that kids and those kids-at-heart truly enjoyed. There were entertainment and fun prizes while the kids were also delighted to see their favorite Nickelodeon characters Dora the Explorer, Diego and Kai-Lan—as they made special appearances and danced onstage. 

Two cancer-stricken kids got their wishes come true with MAKE-AWISH FOUNDATION.

My Kyle loved attending Nickelodeon events because he says he’s able to meet new friends while having fun. And this SHARElebration was even better because he knew he’s able to make other kids happy in his own little way. Toys of all shapes, sizes and colors poured in as Nicksters shared their blessings to less fortunate kids from Gawad Kalinga in Imus, Cavite. 

During the said event, two brave cancer victim kids’ wishes were able to realize as MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION through the help of Nickelodeon Philippines fulfilled their wishes by gifting both girls with Dora The Explorer toys.

Mr. Potato Head and Ms. Play Doughtub graced the show.
Sharelebration dancers performed before the audience.

Awesome games onstage with host Robby.
Acrobatics performed onstage to the audience delight!

We were able to go home tired from the long journey we had in going to SM Mall of Asia, but it was all worth it. Kyle, though only 10-years-old knew that sharing his blessings was not beyond his means after all. In fact, he’s eager to collect more toys and books for future SHARElebration events. “If I’d get rich, I’d surely donate more,” says my beloved Kyle. As his guardian, there’s nothing like seeing kids like him with such genuine glow on their faces…like some sense of awe. It only meant one thing—that he had felt how good it was to help others. And to me, being happy inside is not something that you can’t just buy elsewhere. It is what Christmas is all about—feeling the true meaning of the season deep within your hearts. 

Indeed, Nickelodeon’s SHARElebration is one fun-filled event kids shouldn’t miss—as it teaches kids to share whatever blessings they may have while having fun—all in the spirit of giving and the holiday season!  You too can volunteer next year and experience Christmas like no other! For more information, log on to or

Nickelodeon’s SHARElebration was presented by Alaska Choco, and co-sponsored by Goldilocks Bakeshop, Hasbro, Krim Sticks, Selecta Ice cream, Shell, Sunkist and Super Stix.  
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Stratworks, Nickelodeon and Ms. Ginny for the invite. 

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