Sunday, October 28, 2012


This purple pair is on my hot list!

Age is simply just a number. No matter what some people say, we cannot defy aging. The stressful lives that most of us lead as well as the harsh environment contributes more to our aging process. As we age, we get to see more of our wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, loose skin and sagging, hormonal changes, slower metabolism and so on and so forth. There are even moments when I’m reminded of how much fun it is to eat meat and sweets—attend food bingeing events with friends and in family gatherings! With all such uncaring food intake, our body contours also changes. But somehow with the advancement both in fashion and technology as well as the help of research, all of these can somehow help to alleviate our fears in looking even older than our actual age or perhaps make us more comfortable with our own body. 

I had to admit that upon turning thirty, I seemed to have lost my confidence in wearing the clothes that I like. Like most people reaching milestone age, I had bittersweet realization that youth was no longer an attribute I could claim. I am no longer on the threshold of being young nor am I on the verge of puberty. I am now an adult, in my early thirties. And although the word thirty-teen hasn’t been part of Webster’s dictionary, I know I need to find something that would still complement my look.

Simple yet sexy, just the way I like it.

It’s such a good thing that one of the world’s most popular lingerie Wacoal knows pretty much how to help women to gain even more confidence as we age.  With Wacoal’s wide collection of brassieres and lingerie—these fashionable sexy dainty pieces are made specifically for women—as they highlight every woman’s assets while concealing those that needs to be concealed. Wacoal lingerie are crafted and made from the finest quality ensuring women of the support and comfort that they need. 

I particularly like this black camisole bra. It perfectly has my style, non-wired but getting enough support. It's so simple yet it exudes an elegant style that is truly sexy. What I love about Wacoal are their comfort fit and maximum support. Let’s admit that sometimes despite the rigorous diets and workouts, there are still fat rolls in our back, fats on the side of our breasts, and abdominal areas that make you look and feel heavy. Wacoal lingerie helps in shaping our body the way we want it to be by hiding the stubborn bulges on the parts of our body that we do not want to take notice. It’s like having a total re-sculpted body without surgery! Plus, they have an array of collection that will surely fit you to a T. By wearing the proper underwear, Wacoal proves that one can achieve a body looking younger than they actually are.  Yes, anybody can achieve a beautiful body regardless of their age. 

With Wacoal, we will start to appreciate the arches on our back as it gracefully stoops down, knowing fully well that there’s a special lingerie that’s bound to help women to look good, feel good and become confident to love their own body regardless of their age. And every woman can probably say that she has therefore grown gracefully in both wisdom and age. 

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  1. Most people become confuse with their body when they turn 30's. Obviously figure and shape matters. If we can control our diet the lets have some fashion with what we wear to complement our looks.


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