Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Perfect Koala's March Combos for the Whole Year

Kids definitely know how to enjoy a snack in many different ways, especially when it is a kind of snack that has many layers to it—just like Koala’s March.

With its crunchy biscuit’s outer shell filled with rich flavorful filling that’s sure to burst into your mouth, kids will surely enjoy Koala’s March in almost any manner they want and mixed with fun and flavorful goodies to pair it with.

Here are just some of the fun-filled combinations one can enjoy with Koala’s March. You’ll be surprised to discover that Koala’s March goes well with most of your kids’ favorite goodies!

Warm drinks. Rich and creamy hot chocolate or warm milk adds an extra dose of fun and wholesome goodness to Koala’s March. Just a small sip, followed by a piece of Koala’s March biscuit creates a sweet, slush-like mixture in your mouth. If you choose to dunk your biscuits right into the drink, you may also do so for that satisfying does of milky-chocolatey goodness.

Ice Cream. One of the best combos for Koala’s March is to eat it with ice cream or frozen yoghurt. The thick and creamy texture of ice cream and yoghurt perfectly blends and complements well with the biscuit’s crunchiness, as one could expect a one-of-a-kind burst of delight when flavored filling from the biscuit mixes with the creaminess of the ice cream.

Chocolate syrup, caramel or even condensed milk. Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth cravings better than this concoction. Dip Koala’s March biscuits into any of this sweet syrup. It’s surely a wonderful treat for kids, but always remember to brush your teeth to prevent cavities and other dental problems.

Small Berries and other sweet fruits. It may sound unusual, but Koala’s March is surprisingly good with fruits cut into small pieces. You can even glaze it with syrup if you desire. And try to experiment on mixing and matching Koala’s March with other food items.

So whether it be a food or drinks, these are just some of the delightful ways kids—even adults—can enjoy Koala’s March. With all the combos out there, you are sure to find one you’ll surely love and enjoy the tasty treat of Koala’s March, anytime of the year and anywhere you like. Just go ahead and open a pack, don’t forget to be creative with your taste buds because with Koala’s March biscuits, you can never go wrong.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. 

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