Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Experience Using I am Pilipinas’ Vision Board

Statements stickers all positive.
Have you ever wondered why sometimes no matter how hard you yearn for something, things just don’t seem to fall into their right places? And when it does, that’s when we lose focus and in worse case scenario, we would sometimes quit. Are you able to relate to what I’m saying? If yes, then you should do a vision board. Yes, a VISION BOARD.
Statement stickers which you can attach on your vision boards.

Positivity stickers with sayings...
I’ve been invited to try and do my own vision board by Mr. Tristan Mirasol. It was a Sunday activity and I had been looking forward to it since I needed something like vision boards to propel myself back on track. It works just like a scrapbook making since you’ll be required to cut photos from the magazines and visualize your goals through it. Then, you must put the STATEMENT STICKERS provided in the vision board kit and assess your own self. It could really help one in achieving his or her goals. It’s all positive statements so you get more inspired.
The positivity stickers

Here we were first introduced to the concept of vision boarding.
Vision Boarding is a feel-good activity. It felt similar to writing on one’s journal, baring your soul, expressing yourself in a much different way. You pumped up your creative juices as well as adrenaline rush for the excitement to see its finish product. But what is more important will be how effective this vision boarding will be for you on helping you achieve whatever goal it is that you may have.
My good friend Ate Milette says that she is inspired by life itself as seen in her vision board.

Vision boarding is fun to do, look at one participant who laughs on this photo.
So if you’re like up for the challenge (because you could actually put some time-frame into your goals), try your hand in vision boarding. I truly enjoyed making mine…I try to see it everyday because I would want to attract positive mantras and energies so that it would be easier for me to attain my goals.
A participant shares her vision board.

My vision board speaks of my future plans and goals.

Here's my own vision board.

Interested to get your own vision board? Visit or call +63 (2) 964-1890/ +63 (917) 842-9710 for more information.


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  1. This is awesome! Where can I find these great stickers?


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