Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wi-Tribe's Tri-Speed 4G Prepaid Internet Stick Now Available

Wi-Tribe Telecoms Inc., the country's only pure 4G internet service provider has recently released their latest innovation--the Tri-Speed Pure 4G Internet Prepaid Stick that allows subscribers to surf at speeds of up to 6 Mbps or for as low as P25 unlimited surfing a day at 512 Kbps. The Tri-Speed Pure 4G prepaid stick is also affordable at P995 and exclusively available at 7-Eleven stores. For P995, it already comes with a FREE 30 days unlimited surfing @ 2 Mbps. 

Wi-Tribe Telecoms Inc., a partnership between San Miguel Corporation and Qtel Group, has tied-up with 7-Eleven convenience stores because of its strategic store locations and has a wide coverage around the Metro.  7 Eleven, the largest convenience store chain in the country today with over 650 stores in the Philippines, caters to a wide market and offers a vast array of products. It was the first to introduce 24-hour convenience shopping in the country and it is just fitting for Wi-Tribe as it is the Philippines' first and only Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Internet stick available today. 

7 Eleven + Wi-Tribe executives partners to give consumers the BEST.
Wi-Tribe is also the only Internet service provider that offers prepaid subscribers the option to pick the speed of their access according to their needs. And it's all because their Wi-Tribe 4G Prepaid stick is the only prepaid Internet stick dongle that has three different speeds. Yes, you could simply shift to the speed you like depending when you need it. There's 512 Kbps, 2 Mbps or 6 Mbps. It really is flexible and has the lowest denomination for a prepaid internet service at P25! That's half of the lowest denomination you can load a regular internet prepaid stick in the market today. It's easy to use because it is plug and play

Mr. Pike talks about Wi-Tribe Pure 4G  Tri-Speed Stick.

The Wi-Tribe Pure 4G Prepaid Internet Stick also comes in a really cute packaging--it comes in a reusable tumbler where you can sit back, relax and have a sip of juice or your favorite coffee while being online 24/7 checking your social media status or watching your favorite videos on youtube. 

Keep yourselves updated with what's happening around you with Wi-Tribe's Pure 4G Prepaid stick dongle. It may not be seamless, but it really is a good value for your money. Enough of the Internet cafe rentals where they charge you based on the time you've used up while online and stop worrying about hacking your account or emails by not being able to log out just because your time is up! It's about time you do your own thing at your own pace and time--make the switch now. With the Wi-Tribe Pure 4G Internet stick, say buh-bye to your old internet-related  worries.
This is the magical box!

The Wi-Tribe box and package has an account number which you had to give to the 7 eleven for easy reload. 

See this really cute tumbler?

It is indeed a powerful stick.

Cool ergonomic design.

It comes with a USB cord.

And it had a flip USB at the back. No longer had to look for its cover!

Get this Wi-Tribe Pure 4G Internet Prepaid stick baby and is now available at all 7 Eleven convenient stores around the Metro. This is initially available in Metro Manila 7 Eleven Stores and will soon be available in nearby provinces soon. Reloading is also available at 7 Eleven outlets. 

For more information about Wi-Tribe's 4G broadband plans, check out or call 31-tribe today. 

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