Monday, February 7, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger's Newest Scent: LOUD- I'm living out LOUD!

Tommy Hilfiger's latest scents, Loud for both Him and her.

Face it. It’s not a new concept. It happens, honest. Believe it or not, there’s a time in one’s life wherein you just want to sit back, relax, grab a back of chips and say “oh, it’s a joy to be single!” Crazy?  Not really. It is downright denying yourself of discovered kisses, erotic hugs, and ticklish cuddles, but somehow, the alternative, at one point, presents a more attractive picture. Peace, for one. SELF-DISCOVERY is another. UNLIMITED OTHER OPTIONS, yet another.
Discovering the beauty of being boyfriend-less comes slowly. It’s ballet in slow motion- riveting, exhilarating. The revelation comes slowly, as somehow difficult to just let go of the old fun ways. The life for two I got used to. Somehow it’s not easy to, in-a-snap, forget just how crazy I was about holding his hand or absently caressing his locks. In time, the feeling of strange peace comes though. Strange for many, but it’s giving you peace of mind. With the dreaded V-day fast approaching, here I am alone. Solo pero no solomente. Alone but not lonely.
Why choose to be alone? When you’re out of the relationship, it’s either you make fun of it or find a corner and cry. Or you can revel. Revel is good. One can easily make fun of being “suddenly single”. But nobody would ever think of it as something you just wanted. Believe me, it’s something I welcomed. I am single and currently unattached. It is a positive development in my life. I know choosing to be alone is not the mainstream choice. It may be a weird path actually, it’s not even a consideration to most.
Being single is liberating. I can go anywhere I feel like going—at anytime I like, with anybody, everybody, somebody—without a tinge of guilt. I don’t need to pretend I like something even if I don’t. I can buy stuff for myself without thinking of sharing.
I’m living out LOUD. I could either have a miserable time trying to figure out where I went wrong and why my past relationship had turned sour or I could seize this chance to discover new things about me that I never knew existed. Of course, I prefer the latter.
There is something magical about taking a sabbatical time alone. In my case, moments like these are living the monastic life. All I have is myself, and it the tasks that I need to do.Nightfall weaves its charm seamlessly. There is rhythm to the way the wind rattles the canvas awning near my window and rustles the leaves of a nearby tree.
My fears, anxieties, joys, my inner monologues reveal themselves as I listen to them instead of resisting.
I love being single, I like living LOUD. I’m getting a better grasp of who the person that inhabits me may actually be. I quickly realize that the best surprises are the ones we learn about ourselves. I’m single, no big deal. And it doesn’t make me less of a woman without a man by my side. 
With Tommy Hilfiger's latest scent LOUD, I firmly believe it matches well with my personality. I am my own woman and nothing can stop me from achieving my goals and being the woman that I can be. 

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