Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That Fateful Day: The Day We Almost Lost Kyle Again

Kyle at the Hospital during his confinement.

February 10, 2011

It was a wonderful day. Mommy and I were scheduled to meet up with my blogger friend Millette Sison at the Ayala MRT so that we could claim our gift pack from Eveready at the Nuffnang office in Bonifacio High Street.  We were at the MRT station at exactly 9AM. Before we left, we had written a note for Kyle to read once he returned home from school. He was busy rehearsing their dance steps for the next morning--his school's Foundation Day and Kyle's been really excited about it. "My teacher had positioned me infront during our dance formation. That means, you can take photos of me," Kyle said with excitement. 

As we head on to Bonfacio Global City, we accidentally hopped on a West bound bus instead of an East bound. So we ended up going back to Ayala after an hour or so. At that time, I was thinking why I had forgotten which bus to ride on when we had been to Bonifacio high a couple of times. I later learned that it was destiny's call saying that I should go back home. 

By past 4PM, we're on our way home. I received a phone call from someone whose number was not registered on my phone. Usually, I don't answer calls from people not in my phone book's list, but I did. Anyway, it was my Aunt Nelly on the other end of the line and I immediately knew it was her judging by the sound of her voice.  What made my heart stopped beating for a while was the news I heard on the other end of the line: "Where have you been? Kyle was hit by a car. We're here at the ER now. Please be here. Hurry!"
The badly injured left foot.
From the moment I heard such words, I didn't know what to expect. I immediately uttered a prayer for Kyle. I had regrets why I had to leave him to my Aunt that day. I thought it was some kind of a bad joke. But when we got into the ER, I saw it for myself. Lying on his bed was my wounded Kyle. All pale, with tears welling up his eyes--he was clearly in pain. And then I saw the open wound on his left foot--totally unskinned...(If you've come to this part and you're eating or something, stop reading the following text...I had decided to upload photos of what happened to Kyle on this blog just so those who had not had the chance to visit him at the hospital would know how he is and what really happened to him. )

The Jabawoockeez mask he used while crossing the street.
I later learned that Kyle had been a good boy that day, except that he was told to buy an ice pop (sort of an ice candy) across the street by my cousin. The bad part of it all, Kyle had been playing inside our room--he's wearing a mask while he attempted to cross the street when an Isuzu car hit him hard.
One of his deep wounds on his thigh.

Another wound on his elbow.

The open wound...

The message we left for Kyle upon going home from school.

Kyle jokingly wrote a letter for us before the said accident.

It was a good thing that tricycle drivers knew who he was and where he lives. They immediately brought him to the hospital and later informed my Aunt Nelly about Kyle. I personally thanked Jake Dizon who had to carry Kyle to the ER. My other cousin Inah Teoco, Mama Sofie who texted me about the incident, Tita Reyda who called after Ate Nelly and Ate Nelly herself who had to leave baby Francine behind just so she could attend to Kyle. 

I'd also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who uttered a prayer or two for my beloved Kyle. To my Father's family--Madrid side, I thank you all for visiting Kyle at the hospital. To his teachers: Mrs. Ruste and Mrs. Yambao for consideration and support. And to my sister for finally being there for Kyle when he needed him.

Kyle never made it to his dance. He was even crying at the ER that he's not going to dance the next day. But God had given him another chance at life, and to me that's what matters the most.

To all those who texted and prayed for him, thank you so much. I swear never to leave him out of my sight again...God had a purpose for letting all these happen. 


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. vanessa :( hope nothing bad happened to other parts of his body, you should have him checked regularly

  3. i guess we really have to look at the bright side and be thankful that kyle is on his way to recovery..our prayers are with you sis...

  4. i am sorry about that Mommy. yes, God has his purpose. may this serve as lesson to all of us. I am one those guilty of sending our kids to the store for something. from now on I would buy some things myself. hope kyle is better now. God bless you both!

  5. Vance, sometimes things happen to us that we cannot fathom ... always pray to the Divine Hand that guides us all

    Take care, both of you!

  6. we can never control all circumstances... but thank God He was there to care for your son...

  7. I got teary-eyed reading this especially after the previous accident. I know I haven't personally met Kyle but I know how much you love him and as one of your best friend I can feel your worry and pain. I know your strong Vance and I know sometimes things can just look grim but I've always admire your strength kaya nga siguro friends tayo. I always pray for you, mommy Rica and Kyle regularly.

    God Bless my dear friend. I love you and Kyle.

  8. Hi Vance! Kyle will recover soon... He has lots of prayer warriors di ba?
    God bless!

  9. For what reason in the world would he wear a mask then cross a street with vehicles. That's stupid!

  10. @ Anonymous-for someone who probably didn't read the blog properly, he was wearing a mask because he probably likes it and he was rehearsing for a play the next day...wearing a mask does not mean you can't see where you are going it's just setting what he was wearing when he got hit. And you have the nerve to say stupid when you're hiding behind an anonymous name. Instead of just offering a prayer you have the audacity to say such remarks. I seriously pity your stupidity. Geez my friend's nephew just got hurt and you are so nonsensical...seriously...

  11. I'm glad that he is ok now. I can't imagine how devastated he was for not being able to dance the next day. Btw, what happen to the vehicle owner that hit him, do they even help to pay the hospital bills?
    I think that is one of the many reasons why kids below 13 yrs old here are not allowed to be home alone. You never really know what's going to happen each day,how much more if the parents are away. Will continue to pray for him.

  12. i hope kyle is better now.. that is actually one of my greatest fear right now.. something bad happening to my baby while i'm not around..

  13. @angelique8220, you have to know the big difference when somebody says that "a person" is stupid and when "an act" is the one referred to. As I base it from your comment, it is you who never knew where you're coming from. It just shows that you are just making notes from your unfounded facts. Have you ever really tried wearing a mask? Yes, you still can see but it will make your peripheral vision limited. If you can grasp the whole horizontal 180 degrees view with your bare eyes, wearing a mask will decrease this. The farther the mask's opening is from the wearer's eye, the smaller his landscape will be. The only way he can see what's happening on the left and right most sides is to have his head tilted in those directions. I hope you learned a little science from this refuting so we'll know too who the nonsensical creature is between you and anonymous.

    Now with what anonymous said as stupid, didn't you read that he said "That's stupid." AND NOT "He's stupid!" Abhorring what was done is ENTIRELY different from insulting the person who committed it.

    So there, now I can say that even though your comment got a lot of compassion for Kyle which I have too, the rest of what you've written about "seeing when wearing a mask" and "pin-pointing who's stupid" is the more insensible and dim-witted one.

  14. @angelique8220
    Didn't you read the caption below the photo that says, "The Jabawoockeez mask he used while crossing the street."

    It seems that you're one who didn't properly analyze what were included in this blog.

    To the author, thanks so much for making this blog public. In a way, this will help us to be more careful and watchful with our kids.

  15. To Anonymous: I'd like to thank you for taking sometime to comment on my blog and read my recent post. However, i may have forgotten to include that Kyle is a special child, he's got AD/HD. Perhaps it's one of the reasons why he's not that aware that wearing a mask before crossing the road was such a big no-no. I'm sorry if i had not written his condition on this particular post because I figured my few followers already know of such as i had been writing about ADHD for quite sometime. i had overlooked, and I had assumed that any reader would understand. Mea culpa, it is indeed my fault why you had commented that way, because you may have thought him as an ordinarily normal child. I'm terribly sorry...

    Thank you for all your comments, I truly appreciate them. Thanks also to those who prayed for Kyle. And to Angelique, I know we've had that connection from way back. Thank you for understanding how i felt for Kyle.

  16. It's funny how those targeting Angelique8220 suddenly all went anonymous. The point is the kid got hurt and seems like angelique8220 was emotional over it.

  17. God truly has his ways to communicAte with us. God bless your Kyle and your family always.


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