Sunday, June 14, 2020

Foreo Inspired Forever Luna Mini 2 Product Review

The first time I heard about the brand Foreo, I checked it out online right away. And OMG, I was surprised how expensive it was! I wouldn't spend that much money on my skin, considering I guess I was blessed and lucky to have been born with good genes. I seldom had problems with breakouts or any acne-related problems. I guess what hasn't spared me was the whiteheads and blackheads which I think everyone can relate to. On top of that, I also happen to have large pores due to monthly facials. 

Going back to my topic, since I couldn't afford to buy an original Foreo facial cleanser, I researched online about buying a good alternative and I stumbled upon Forever Luna Mini 2. At first, I was a bit hesitant to make a purchase because I had to buy them online--and it's not the safest place, to begin with. I'm afraid that after some time, the item might not work anymore. To make the long story short, I gave it a try. And so far, I've no regrets about it. 

Forever Lina Mini 2

Forever Lina Mini 2 is a revolutionary T-sonic facial cleansing device. It's a pretty good investment if you ask me. Its main benefit is that it isn't messy when you put on serums or facial wash/scrubs as it works its way to massage your face. It's simple and effective also to minimize pores which is exactly what I need. I use it twice daily and so far, I had seen a difference in my skin. 

Forever Lina Mini 2 ensures that my skin is gently cleaned as it lifts out all the dirt and grime from my face. Charging it is also fast and easy. But you get to use it for something like two days without the need to charge the battery.

For me, as long as it gets its job done, it doesn't really matter if it isn't an original Foreo. After all, I believe it is only the brand name that they're paying for, but in terms of its purpose and function--both Foreo and Forever are almost the same thing. The big difference is the price.

Using Forever Lina Mini 2 makes a huge difference on my face. I felt like my skin's become supple and almost "squeaky clean" if it's the right term for that. But that's exactly how I feel each time I use this innovative facial cleansing device. Ever since my purchase, I made it part of my daily facial routine. And with the rate things are going, I'm enjoying the bliss of having a facial massager and cleansing device at the same time--I don't think I'd go back to the old life of manually scrubbing my face. Using Forever Lina Mini 2 is more relaxing and it felt like having baby's skin again after using it. That's how good it is for me. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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