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Best Tricks and Guide to Clean Carpets At Home

Best tricks and guide to clean carpets at home

If we ask anyone that ‘what is that one commodity in your household that contains most dirt and mud?' the only answer that will come up will be the carpets for sure. The reason behind this is that carpets are one of the most common things on which we walk most of the time. Also, it has such a structure that traps most of the dirt and mud in its fibers and stops the remnants from scattering. This is why; cleaning carpets is one of the most troublesome things that any house cleaner has to face. But, not anymore, today we will talk about some tricks which will help you to maintain a much clean carpet in your household. So, without further ado let's get started.

Ultimate method to keep your carpets clean for a longer period
Stains of coffee or mustard are something that is very common on a carpet. Apart from these edible stains, there are other stains such as shoe stain that is far harder to get rid of. But, the essence lies in the fact that how you deal with the stains. So, the following is the ultimate method that will help you to get rid of the hardest stains of mud, gravy, wine, and pet messes:

Step 1:- Dishwashing Liquid phase: In this phase, all you need are two spray bottle and some dishwashing liquid which is commonly found in most of the households. So, in this method first, you have to fill one of the two spray bottles with cold water. Now, once you fill up the first spray bottle, move on to the second spray bottle and fill it up with a mixture of warm water with some dishwashing liquid, the ratio of this mixture will be a ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing solution and 1 cup of warm water.

Step 2:- Hit the Stain: Now, as you have both the solutions ready, start to spray the solution with the detergent solution on another cloth. This cloth should be placed right above the stain as you should not make the carpet too wet. Also, do not start to rub too hard as it will promote more wear and tear. After some time, the stain will eventually start to fade and this is the time when you should clean the stain with another clean and dry cloth.

Step 3:- Cold water therapy: Now as the stain is gone, this is the time to rinse off the detergent solution of the carpet. For this, you will need the other spray bottle that contains cold water. So, start with spraying the cold water over the stain and detergent area and bolt it with a dry and clean cloth. Repeat this process until the stain completely fades away.
Step 4:- Dry the Carpet overnight: Once you clean most of the stain from the carpet, it is time to let the carpet dry off for a night. To make sure that your carpet gets dry completely, stack up a pile of paper towels on the stain and place any heavy article over the paper towel. Leave this on for a whole night and you will get rid of all the stain marks.

Some easy habits that will keep your carpet clean
·         Clean the most-accommodated regions regularly: It goes without saying that there is some area in every household where we accommodate ourselves the most and these are the regions where regular cleaning is a must. So, from now onwards if you see a grey-colored trail near your carpet, get your normal vacuum cleaner and start to clean the area instantly. You should definitely try these top vacuums. Also, this regular exercise does not mean that you are free from the monthly heavy vacuuming session.

·         No shoes in the House rule: You might be familiar with the no shoes in the house rule as many people follow it these days. It is simply a habit that you should indulge into if you have not done it yet. This rule simply says that no matter what the scenario is, no one should wear outdoor shoes into the household. This rule not only helps to keep your household clean from any outside mud or dirt but also this habit is treated as one of the best house manners and etiquettes. Also, if you are not a fan of walking barefoot in your household then you can purchase simple flip-flops as per your satisfaction.

·         Clean doormats thoroughly: Doormats work as the first line of defense for your carpets and to ensure that they work in their best condition, you have to make sure that they are clean. So, everyday just takes 5-minutes off of other tasks and vacuum of the doormat. The best way is to flip over the mat and vacuum it first and then vacuum it from the top. Also, whenever you shop for doormats try to get one that comes with the tag saying that they are washable in washing machines.

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