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Alaska NutriBuild 345 Promotes Good Nutrition and the Importance of Age-Appropriate Milk

Alaska NutriBuild is perfect for growing kids ages 3,4,5.
 The country’s most trusted milk brand, Alaska introduces their latest milk product that was specifically made for growing kids ages 3 to 5 called Alaska NutriBuild 345. Make no mistake about it. What you feed your child makes all the difference in the world; it will affect how his body grows and his brain develops.

According to a recent study, only 1 out of 10 mothers * with 3 to 5 year old children provide the right milk. At this particular stage in your child’s life, he or she will benefit greatly from stimulating activities and nourishment that may help him or her achieve not just developmental milestones but things that could further lead to excellence.
A nutritionist helps parents by giving nutritional talk.

 A child’s development at every age happens in different stages and it is very important to give the proper nutrition to support a child’s continuous growth. With pre-school age, kids are still in the process of developing their brain and body. At this stage, it is vital to give the right milk at the right age as meal supplement to help achieve age-specific milestones and help support a child’s potential at an early stage.
Give your child Alaska NutriBuild 345; it is the only milk with Brain and Body builder for your 3,4 or 5 years old. It has DHA and ARA, which is the structural component of the brain. A DHA-rich diet promotes enhancement of your child’s nerve conduction, which optimizes the neutral connections important for learning. Alaska NutriBuild helps millions of brain cells communicate well to support your child’s rapid mental development. The advantages associated with DHA status and neuropsychological function is supported by clinical research. Childhood is a critical time period for exposure to DHA to influence brain development. Support his or her DHA-rich nourishment with Alaska NutriBuild 345. 

A parent registering for the nutritional talk.

 Alaska NutriBuild 345 also has Choline and Taurine that helps in the cognitive developments and memory functions, Iron + Zinc + Iodine, Minerals to support the demands of rapid physical growth and endurance, Essential Fatty Acids and Inulin for proper digestion.
A cute pre-school kid enjoys her free Alaska NutriBuild milk.

  Pre-school children now have another reason to look forward to in going to school as Alaska NutriBuild 345 promotes good nutrition by making rounds of selected schools in Metro Manila. To let the kids and parents experience firsthand how delicious and nutritious Alaska NutriBuild 345 is, the people behind the brand had been giving parents 12-15 minute nutritional talk on proper nutrition in selected pre-schools with expert nutritionist, Ms. Ma. Kristina Fernando as the resource speaker. While the parents learn the importance of milk and proper nutrition, kids happily learn and play with the different activity booths that tell the story of Miles and Tony, teaching them the importance of hygiene and nutrition.

The adventures of Miles and Tony

Bloggers were invited to join in one of Alaska NutriBuild 345’s visit at Gildel Child Development Center in Tondo, Manila. Parents had learned the value of giving age appropriate milk. With an expert nutritionist at the helm, some parents even had the chance to ask questions on how to properly address their kids nutrition especially the picky and finicky eaters. As for the kids, they had a wonderful time with the learning activities and enjoyed unlimited free samples of Alaska NutriBuild 345. What’s more, their parents who registered for the brief nutritional talk all went home with a box sample of Alaska NutriBuild Milk while kids brought home a free storybook featuring Miles and Tony! 

Pre-schoolers enjoyed the activities.

An Alaska NutriBuild storyteller.

A young boy participates in the story.
Kids love to drink milk.

Nutritionist tells the importance of good hygiene.

Free sample boxes of Alaska NutriBuild 345.

Unlimited samples for everyone of Alaska NutriBuild 345.

 So, who knows, Alaska NutriBuild 345 might be visiting your child’s school soon. And I’d like to note that Alaska NutriBuild 345 is way cheaper than the leading brand, not to mention, better tasting. It comes in 160g, 350g, 600g and 1050g boxes and 900g can. I’ve had tasted Alaska NutriBuild 345 myself, and I’d have to say it comes in a milk flavor that kids will surely love. Indeed, Alaska NutriBuild 345 is every Mom’s best partner in making sure that kids get their proper nutrition and achieve milestones. 
Ms Delia Barrios, proprietor of Gildel Child Development Center with the kids.

Ms. Delia Barrios, owner of the school promotes Alaska NutriBuild.

 For more info and get updates on where Alaska NutriBuild will be coming next, like their Facebook page:

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Alaska NutriBuild 345, Gildel Child Development Center principal/proprietor, Ms. Delia Barrios, Mikki Abrazado, Jig Bax, Bambi Jacob and fellow blogger Alex Dizon.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated with this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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  1. I've watched a lot of Nutribuild 3-4-5 going into food packages that are headed for the Philippines! What a wonderful product you have available!


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