Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Box: Rock. Dine. Roll: A Total Music Experience

Filipinos all love to sing. It had been said that a Filipino invented the karaoke machine. Music had always been part of our lives and nowadays, it’s even made more evident with the numerous video-karaoke or videoke machines and microchip music loaded microphones available in the market today. Unfortunately, one can’t still have that satisfaction of having a grand time. For one, how can you enjoy singing to the fullest when you can’t even turn the volume to its full blast because you’re sure that your next-door neighbor would complain?  Afraid you’d be shot-to-death just by singing your out-of-tune version of Frank Sinatra’s My Way?

Well, that’s where Red Box comes to the rescue.  For those who live in the boondocks, Red Box is the place to go for audiophile and music aficionados. Since 2003, it’s a must-destination for audio perfection and dining satisfaction. It’s the city’s premiere entertainment watering hole.
Selected bloggers were invited to enjoy hanging out at the Red Box in Eastwood Mall recently.  I’d have to say I was really impressed with its laid back and easy-going ambience but without losing its sense of sophistication when it comes to things like music (its updated because its got the latest songs and has an extensive music collection), great food (just like eating in a fine dining restaurant) and even elegant interior design.

Mr. Walden Chu, Managing Director of Red Box and FILSCAP President Mr. Noel Cabangon

“To enjoy music means you have to have the total experience. Audiophile or not, Red Box makes a concerted effort to give an exceptional selection of music with superior quality, which you can enjoy with gourmet menu and drink selections as you unwind in our carefully interior decorated rooms,” shares Walden Chu, Managing Director of Red Box. 

Exploring Red Box interiors, one will notice the way the speakers are placed inside ensuring sound quality and it even had half frosted doors giving customers their privacy. Each room has been carefully sound engineered down to its walls. Plus their equipment uses state-of-the-art technology. Red Box also gives its customers a range of recreational options that include free high-speed Wi-Fi access (perfect for bloggers like me), a pool and poker table and an option to use in-house gaming consoles.

In addition, Red Box is a licensee of the Filipino Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP). This non-profit organization headed by singer/composer Mr. Noel Cabangon enforces the public performance right and communication to the public right granted by law to copyright owners of musical works.

Blogger couple Jeff Sy and Melody of Boy Kuripot and Girl Kuripot checks out the songs.

Bloggers unwind and enjoying endless chats while awaiting for their turn to sing.

Here's what I love about Red Box: they also focus on the foods and drinks that they serve, not just about music. One would be surprised to know that at Red Box, you also get to enjoy a diverse selection of foodies from Asian, Italian and Western plus gulp it down with specialty drinks like Red Box shooters or signature K-tinis. There’s definitely something to whet diverse appetites and satisfy every discriminating palate.

Bloggers on the roll: Iris, Gabriel, Flow, Vin and Jeman surely had a lot of FUN!

Most of my blogger friends had shown they're not only good in writing blog posts but they were also good in music. Teacher and blogger Ms. Josephine Bonsol had a few Madonna songs, Rod had Jason Miraz numbers...It was really a riot, imagine having 13 or more people all together in one room singing to 80's songs like Madonna!
Teacher and Blogger Ms. Jo Bonsol sings Madonna while Florencio Jusay looks on.

Rod and Jeman rocks!

Joanne Tuanquin had a blast that evening.
 It was just too bad I wasn't feeling well that night. But I decided to go because it was an event I didn't want to miss out. I knew that even if I had not sing a single song, I'd want to check out the place and I knew from what I had seen that I'd be coming back again--I vow to make my return and probably sing my heart out for a change. 
The author poses while awaiting the billiard balls to arrive.

 Here are two of the dishes served at Red Box that night: 

Penne Pasta with Pesto and Parmesan

Dory Fish Fillet with Tartar Dipping Sauce

So what do I say about their food? How do I rate their food? Find out by visiting my food blog, Security Blanket for more details.

Red Box’s Rock, Dine & Roll is open from Mondays to Sundays. For inquiries and reservations, please dial 7576188 (Greenbelt), 3557921 (Eastwood), (032) 4171675 (Cebu), and Red Box Star 9011833 (Trinoma).
Like them on Facebook on their official Facebook page at

The Purple Fairy thanks Red Box Eastwood and Geiser Maclang for the invites. 


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